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Asha Bhosle first marriage with 15 years older secretary and second with six year younger RD Burman | Married at the age of 16 to a secretary 15 years older, became mother of three children, then…

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Asha Bhosle Married Twice: When it comes to music in Hindi cinema, there is a lot of mention of Asha Bhosle. The voice which has been echoing not only in the ears but also in the hearts for years. Even today this voice is full of tunes even though Asha has turned 90 on 8th September. However, just as notes often falter while singing, similarly there were many ups and downs in Asha Bhosle’s life too. When he rebelled against his family, he also faced their hatred. But live life only on your own terms. Today we are going to tell some things related to Asha Bhosle’s personal life about which very few people would know.

Got married at the age of 16

Yes… Asha Bhosle had settled down at the age when people think about making a career. The surprising thing was that the entire Mangeshkar family was against this decision of Asha but she did not agree. She married her secretary Ganpatrao Bhosale. Who was 15 years older than Asha. This was the reason why the family was very unhappy with this relationship. Especially Lata Mangeshkar was so angry that the two sisters did not even talk to each other for years.

Asha Bhosle became mother of three children
Asha Bhosle had three children from this marriage. 2 sons and one daughter. But after a few years of marriage, love disappeared and the relationship started becoming bitter. So this marriage broke up in 1960 and Asha started taking care of three children alone. After this Asha started focusing completely on her career. At that time he met musician RD Burman. Gradually their meetings increased and one day RD Burman proposed Asha Bhosle for marriage. And both of them got married.

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RD Burman was 6 years younger than Asha
While Asha’s first husband was 15 years older than her, RD Burman was 6 years younger than her. But still both of them got married in 1980 and settled down. This was the second marriage of both Asha and RD Burman. But both of them were together only for 14 years. In 1994, RD Burman suffered a heart attack and passed away.

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