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Atrocities Hindus Community Continue In Pakistan; Minor Killed Hang With Tree In Sindh | Pakistan Police The dead body was hanged from the tree; Accused of theft, picked up from home, threatened to shoot family

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Amritsar4 hours ago

Family members mourning after the murder of a minor in Pakistan.

On the night of Thursday-Friday in Sindh, Pakistan, Muslim youths kidnapped and killed a minor Hindu boy. After this his body was hanged from a tree. The killers have accused the deceased of theft. The police has also not yet initiated action in this matter.

This incident took place in Saleh Halepoto village in Sindh province of Pakistan. According to the Hindu family, a theft had taken place in their village. His 17 year old son Bhagwandas was accused of this theft. The son swore repeatedly not to steal and folded his hands, but two Muslim landlords, Mahtab Halepoto and Ibrahim Panwar, entered the house, beat him up and later took him away from the house.

Dead body found hanging from a tree, family also threatened with bullets
In the morning, the body of Bhagwandas was found hanging from a tree with a rope. The family alleges that both the Muslim landlords had brutally beaten their son. Later his son was murdered.

The family told that when the accused were taking Bhagwandas away, the Muslim landlords had threatened to shoot them too. The accused said that if anyone came out of the house, he would be shot in public.

Police is making a case of suicide
The family alleges that the police is trying to make the case appear as a suicide. The accused landlords have started putting pressure on the Pakistan Police itself. The family said that no one is coming forward to get them justice.

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