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Azerbaijan Declares War Against Armenia For Nagorno Karabakh

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Azerbaijan Armenia War: The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not over yet. Meanwhile, a war has broken out between two other countries. In fact, on Tuesday (September 19), Azerbaijan has once again declared war against Armenia. Earlier, there was tension between the two countries for a long time, but the uproar increased after six civilians were killed in landmines in Karabakh of Azerbaijan. The situation is that Azerbaijani forces have entered the area occupied by Armenia.

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry announced on Tuesday that it had launched a ‘counter-terrorism operation’ in Nagorno-Karabakh, which is under Armenian control, the BBC reported. Armenian defense officials have accused Azerbaijan of launching missile-artillery attacks. It has also been described as a violation of the ceasefire. Armenian media has also called it a large-scale military attack.

Two wars have been fought before

According to the report, fierce firing is going on between the armies of the two countries. Before this, there have been wars twice in Azerbaijan and Armenia. The first war took place in the early 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, while in 2020 the war between the two countries lasted for 29 days.

There is complete controversy regarding Karabakh

Karabakh is internationally recognized as a part of Azerbaijan. A large number of Armenian population lives in Karabakh, hence it is occupied by Armenia, which is why there remains tension between the two countries regarding this area. According to the Greek City Times report, Azerbaijan has announced a military operation in Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh. The purpose of this military operation is to completely free Nagorno-Karabakh from the occupation of Armenia.

Earlier on Monday, Armenia’s Foreign Ministry had expressed apprehension and said that Azerbaijan’s diplomatic stance seems as if it is preparing the ground for increasing military power.

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