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Barak Tank In Israel Army, Israel created fifth generation super tank Barak, creates devastation by sniffing out the enemy, will bring ‘revolution’ in war – israel unveils idf new ai powered barak super tank call merkava mark 5 amid iran and hamas threat

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Jerusalem: From Heron drone to Iron Dome, the Israeli army has got another deadly weapon. The fifth generation main battle tank Barak has been inducted into the Israeli Army. It has also been named Merkava Mark-5. This Israeli tank is equipped with Artificial Intelligence and detects and destroys the enemy even before they attack. This Barak tank is designed in such a way that it can monitor the area around itself, process it and hand over the complete information to the soldiers in very simple language. With the help of this tank, it will become much easier for Israeli soldiers to attack. Israel’s Defense Ministry said that it took 5 years to build this tank. The first model of this tank has been given to 401 Brigade. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said the induction of the Barak tank is an extraordinary step for the Israeli military. He said that this development shows that the Israeli Defense Forces have a very effective technical capability which puts them ahead in terms of quality.
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Barak tank will bring revolution in the battlefield

Many renowned Israeli companies have contributed with the help of state-of-the-art technology in making the Barak tank. In 2015, the Israeli Defense Ministry, in collaboration with the army, started working on the design of a new tank. After this, after making this tank in the year 2020, testing started. Many models of this deadly fifth generation tank have now been given to the army. This tank is equipped with digital combat capability. To run this tank, 4 people will be required: driver, commander, gunner and loader.

The Israeli Defense Ministry has indicated that this Barak tank has been equipped with a network of many sensors which easily identify their targets. Not only this, this intelligence information can be easily transferred to tanks and other parts of the army. This development is being termed as a real revolution in the battlefield. With the help of this tank, the Israeli Army will be able to easily increase its ability to identify its enemies. This will make it easier to defeat the enemy in battle.

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