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Bering Sea Gold: Was there a death in the Kelly family?

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Title 1: Meet the Kelly family

Digging for gold under the sea can be quite demanding, and it’s even more challenging when you’re constantly fighting with your family while doing it. The Kelly family of Bering Sea Gold are known for their dramatic feuds on Discovery. But what is the truth behind the rumors of a death in the Kelly family in 2021?

Title 2: Kelly family lineup

The Kelly family featured on Bering Sea Gold consists of Brad Kelly, the patriarch, and his two sons, Kris and Andy. Brad co-owns Reaper Mining, while Kris, who is also the captain, shares co-ownership of Reaper. The family is currently in Nome, Alaska, where they are participating in the 14th season of the series. However, their working methods and hierarchy often lead to on-screen disputes.

Title 3: No tragedy in the family

Despite rumors circulating in 2021 of a death in the Kelly family, there appears to be no truth to those claims. All three members of the family actively participate in the 14th season of the Discovery show.

Wendy Kelly, the mother of the family, lives in Hawaii after her separation from Brad. There is no information to suggest that she has passed away. In the past, Brad and Wendy’s long-standing conflicts almost brought their mining operation to a halt. As a result, she decided to move out of Nome, leaving the rest of the family to continue their mining ventures.

Title 4: The Kellys in 2021

The Kellys often find themselves at the bottom of the golden number, but they are hoping for luck during the 2021 season. Regardless of their performance on the show, the family also operates their own clothing company, which caters to Reaper Dredging enthusiasts.

So it’s clear that despite their disagreements and challenges, the Kelly family remains intact and focused on their gold mining adventures in the Bering Sea. No tragedy will befall them in 2021, and fans of the show can continue to enjoy their unique brand of family drama and gold-digging adventures.

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