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Bigg Boss 17 Salman Khan May Exit Bigg Boss In Mid Season For Tiger 3 So These Actors Would Be Good Choice To Replace Him

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Salman will not host the entire season of Bigg Boss 17?  One of these will take Salman Bhai's place!

Salman Khan

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss 17 is in discussion everywhere at the moment. Not much information related to the show has been revealed yet, but this show is already attracting everyone’s attention. A lot is being said about the show. Recently a teaser was released and Salman Khan told about the concept of the show. In the teaser, the host is seen saying that till date we have seen only Bigg Boss’s eyes but this time we will get to see his heart, mind and strength. A few days ago, news came that Salman Khan would not be available to host the entire season. Now if Salman leaves the show midway, then what would be the best choice to replace him as host?

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It was being told that Salman will be busy in ‘Tiger 3’ and his new film with Karan Johar is also going to come. According to reports, the makers have already started preparations to find a replacement in case of his exit from the show. Here is a list of some actors who can be somewhat successful in replacing Salman Khan and creating the same magic as him because brothers are brothers.

Will Farah Khan become the host of Bigg Boss 17?
Whenever Salman Khan is busy, Farah Khan comes as host. That’s why we feel that she can handle the responsibility of host this year also. Like Salman Khan, Farah has also been unbiased and honest about this game.

Will Karan Johar be the host of Bigg Boss 17?
Karan Johar has been one of the best hosts of TV. He was the host of Bigg Boss OTT. Therefore, he can be the right option for Bigg Boss 17 also.

Will Amitabh Bachchan become the host of Bigg Boss 17?
Amitabh Bachchan will be the right host of the show. He has already hosted Bigg Boss and we have no problem in seeing him again, although it could be a big challenge for Big B.

Arshad Warsi will be the host of Bigg Boss 17?
The first season of Bigg Boss was hosted by Arshad Warsi. If Salman Khan exits, he will prove to be an ideal host.

Will Sanjay Dutt be the host of Bigg Boss 17?
Sanjay Dutt has earlier hosted Bigg Boss with Salman Khan. His hosting was liked and hence we would like to see him hosting Bigg Boss on screen again.

Will Shilpa Shetty become the host of Bigg Boss 17?
Shilpa Shetty has hosted Bigg Boss before also. She was also seen in Big Brother. She will be perfect as a host for Bigg Boss 17.

Rohit Shetty will be the host of Bigg Boss 17?
Khatron Ke Khiladi and Bigg Boss have always had a connection. Rohit Shetty can also handle Bigg Boss in the style of Salman Bhai.

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