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Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar First Elimination Salman Khan Angry On Abhishek Kumar Vicky Jain

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Bigg Boss 17 Weekend Ka Vaar: Bigg Boss Season 17 started from October 15 and the first week is about to end. The contestants made the show very interesting in the first week itself. A lot has happened in a few days and people are liking this show.

Salman Khan will give class to this contestant!

Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, Isha Malviya, Abhishek Kumar, Sunny Arya, Anurag Dhobal, Jigna Vora, Munawar Faruqui, Firozha Khan aka Khanzadi, Mannara Chopra, Navid Sole, Rinku Dhawan, Arun Srikkanth, Sana Raees Khan and Sonia Bansal are contestants of Bigg Boss 17. Now very soon we will see the first Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. Everyone is excited to know which contestant Salman Khan is going to class after a week.

Abhishek Kumar

Udaariyaan fame actor Abhishek Kumar has troubled everyone inside and outside the house. His being angry all the time can give him a good dose from Salman Khan. First of all, he has started many fights that could have been avoided. Abhishek had many unnecessary fights. Apart from this, Abhishek has been very disrespectful towards many people in the house without any reason. He may also get to hear from Salman for insulting Navid.

Isha Malviya

Due to sudden change in her opinion, Isha will also get a dose of Salman. Isha said in front of Salman Khan that she would never want Abhishek in her life. But, inside the house we saw her supporting Abhishek and she was even ready to share her bed with Abhishek. Isha may also get scolded by Salman Khan for not expressing her opinion.


Apart from this, Arun is entertaining at home but due to the fight with Abhishek, he may get to hear from Salman. He had also used ‘Bahar Mil’ dialogue for Abhishek and perhaps Salman did not like it.

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