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Bihar: Lalan Singh accused of mixing medicine in the food of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar; PK suffered memory loss, Arun told the reason – Bihar News: Arun Kumar Charged Jdu President Lalan Singh Accused Of Mixing Medicine In Nitish Kumar Food

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Bihar News: Arun Kumar charged JDU President Lalan Singh accused of mixing medicine in Nitish Kumar food.

Prashant Kishore, architect of Jansuraj
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Janata Dal United (JDU) National President Rajeev Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh is not only being accused of preparing to merge the party with Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) by weakening it, now he has been surrounded in a very serious case. It is alleged that he is putting some medicine in the food of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to cause memory loss. Political strategist Prashant Kishore, aka PK, who worked with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar after Prime Minister Narendra Modi, cited Nitish’s age as the reason for memory loss. Here, Lok Janshakti Party (Ram Vilas) leader and former MP Arun Kumar, explaining the reason for this, said that to weaken Nitish Kumar mentally, such medicine is being given to him at the behest of Lalan Singh.

Age is affecting Nitish Kumar

Prashant Kishore, the initiator of Jansuraj Padyatra, said that if you look carefully at Nitish Kumar, you will know that age has affected him. If you watch his old speeches of the last one year, you will know that he keeps twisting everything like Jalebi. Want to say one thing, say something else. Have you ever heard Nitish Kumar discussing about building a factory? What is the topic of discussion today for Nitish Kumar? For them the topic of discussion today is that the earth is going to be destroyed. People are going crazy due to using mobile. Is this the work of Nitish Kumar? Is Nitish Kumar a psychologist or a psychologist? He is not doing the work that the people of Bihar have given to Nitish Kumar, but he is concentrating on useless things. Let’s talk about how long the world will last and when it will end.

PK cited Arun Kumar’s statements

Discussing the statements of LJP (Ram Vilas) leader and former MP Arun Kumar, Prashant Kishore said that Arun Kumar had also said that JDU President Lalan Singh should mix some medicine in the food of CM Nitish Kumar for his memory loss. Are giving. According to Arun Kumar, an old close associate of Nitish said that Lalan Singh is now working to eliminate Nitish and save Lalu.

What did former MP Arun Kumar say?

Arun Kumar has said that JDU National President Lalan Singh is giving tablets to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar by mixing them in his food. Due to this reason Nitish Kumar has lost his memory. This is the reason why Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, while searching for the Home Minister in the Janata Darbar, forgets that the Home Minister of Bihar is himself the same. Arun Kumar also said that sometimes the Chief Minister holds the leaders and starts banging their heads and sometimes he holds the feet of the leaders… the reason for all this is the same. Attacking Lalan Singh, LJP leader and former MP Arun said that he has told Lalu Yadav that if we had implicated you in the fodder scam case, then only we can save you. Will eliminate JDU and sideline Nitish Kumar.

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