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Bihar News: Here float test and there arrest of JDU MLA Bima Bharti’s husband and son; What is the whole matter?

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Communication Assistant, Barh (Patna). JDU MLA Bima Bharti’s husband Awadhesh Mandal and son Rajkumar were arrested by the police and presented in the Barh Court on Monday evening. MLA Bima Bharti has alleged that she was coming to Patna by car with her daughter on Sunday evening. Behind her, her husband Gopal Mandal was traveling in another vehicle and her son Rajkumar and supporters were traveling in another vehicle to attend the floor test to be held on Monday.

He told that it crossed Rajendra Setu of Hathidah police station area of ​​Patna district and kept moving straight. Her husband and son, who were coming behind in the car, were stopped by the police. MLA’s husband Awadhesh Mandal told that as soon as he crossed the bridge, the police stopped him and made him sit in another vehicle. Everyone’s mobile phones were also confiscated.

What did JDU MLA say on the allegation of illegal weapons?

On the police’s allegation of possessing illegal weapons, he said that he has licenses for all the weapons, the police should investigate it. Son Rajkumar told that as soon as we crossed the Rajendra Bridge, the police caught us and were behaving as if we were terrorists.

‘The government put pressure on the police’

Rajkumar told that he had three fifteen rifles, but he had the license for all of them. It remains a mystery as to where the police kept the arrested people throughout the day on Monday. Barh MLA Bima Bharti, who arrived from Patna, has accused the police of arresting those people under pressure from the government. He told that there was no clue as to where the police had kept those people, after a lot of searching it was found that they had reached Barh.

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