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Bihar Politics RLJD Upendra Kushwaha On NDA JDU MLAs Shalini Mishra Over Floor Test

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Bihar Politics News: The political temperature in the state seems to be very high regarding the floor test in Bihar. There is a lot of excitement in the political corridors of the state regarding the litmus test of the Nitish led government. Leaders of all parties, from small to big, are asking their MLAs to remain united. Meanwhile, there is also speculation about JDU MLAs. At the same time, RLJD leader Upendra Kushwaha has termed the disappearance of some JDU MLAs as a rumour.

Actually, JDU quota minister Shravan Kumar had organized a banquet at his residence on Saturday (February 10). During this period, some JDU MLAs including Shalini Mishra did not participate, after which the market of political speculation is very hot.

What did Upendra Kushwaha say on JDU MLAs?

RLJD leader Upendra Kushwaha has termed the speculations being made about some JDU MLAs as rumours. Also, a big thing has been said about Shalini Mishra. Upendra Kushwaha wrote on social media x (formerly Twitter) – “Surprise! How rumors and confusion are spread! The news is in the headlines – JDU MLA missing/mobile switched off! Hey brother, one of the MLAs being dragged in the news, Mrs. Shalini Mishra ji is currently sitting with me in the flight coming from Delhi to Patna. After all, everyone has personal commitments too.

All eyes fixed on floor test

RLJD leader Upendra Kushwaha is also currently a part of NDA. After the formation of the new NDA government in Bihar, on February 9, Upendra Kushwaha met senior BJP leader and Union Home Minister Amit Shah at his residence in Delhi. However, in Bihar, everyone’s eyes are fixed on the floor test to be held on Monday i.e. 12th February. RJD leaders’ claim that the game is still on has created panic among the ruling parties.

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