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Bjp Agenda For 2024 Loksabha Polls, Ram’s name and Modi’s work, BJP’s election agenda is clear – lord ram and works of modi government main agenda of bjp in loksabha election 2024

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New Delhi : On the last day of the session of the country’s 17th Lok Sabha, it became clear that the ruling BJP will be in the fray in the Lok Sabha elections with ‘Ram’s name and Modi’s work’. In the way the discussions were held and the proposals brought in the last session of this Lok Sabha, the government tried to give its five-year report card and also showed the dream of the future and expressed the hope of coming back again. In this Lok Sabha, BJP fulfilled its big election promises and also tried to send a message by mentioning that it has fulfilled its promises on the last day of the session. Where earlier BJP used to talk about promises, now it has been called Modi’s guarantee. The 17th Lok Sabha also saw the journey from BJP’s promise to Modi’s guarantee.

The government gave its report card in the discussion on the President’s address in the last session of the 17th Lok Sabha. Counted out the work of five years and also lashed out at political opponents. In a way, this entire session seemed to be setting the agenda for the elections. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to BJP MPs, everything from the construction of the new Parliament to the Nari Shakti Vandan Act, from the construction of Ram Temple to the triple talaq law and removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, were mentioned many times and again. From the presentation of the budget to the discussion on the budget, the government ministers also claimed to be back in the government in the next term and the Prime Minister also gave BJP’s slogan for the Lok Sabha elections from the Parliament. All the ministers, including the Prime Minister, used the last session of the 17th Lok Sabha to target the opposition Congress and show the country’s ‘bad condition’ during the UPA rule and the country’s ‘development’ during the 10-year NDA rule. . By bringing the proposal on the last day regarding the construction of Ram temple, it gave a message to the country that along with the work of Modi, Ram’s name will dominate the entire Lok Sabha election campaign of BJP.

At the end of the session, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla also told how many important bills were passed. He said that among the last five Lok Sabhas, the 17th Lok Sabha had the highest productivity of 97 percent. There was active participation of women. Women’s Reservation Bill was brought in the new Parliament House on the very first day. He said that we were following the British laws but the 17th Lok Sabha made its own laws after independence. In five years, laws were passed to advance Indian thought and the system of Indian thought. Birla said that a total of 274 meetings were held in this Lok Sabha which lasted for 1354 hours. The House sat and worked for more than 345 hours. However, 387 hours of time was also wasted due to the disruption. Passed 222 laws, established 202 bills, and withdrew 11 bills. Out of 4663 starred questions, 1116 were answered orally and 55879 unstarred questions were answered in written form. Brought 729 non-government bills. 5568 cases were taken up in zero hour. 12 discussions were held. Parliamentary committees submitted 651 reports and the government accepted more than 69 recommendations of the committees.

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