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Blonde Nagori took off her dupatta and exposed her entire body, the public went crazy about her killer style, see how she controlled it.

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Gori Nagori Dance Video: Ever since the new dancer of Haryanvi industry, Gori Nagori, stepped on the stage of Bigg Boss, there has been a manifold increase in her popularity. Gori Nogri is also known by another name Shakira. The crowd of people goes so crazy to watch his dance program that the fans lose their temper.

You can estimate his popularity only from the fact that his YouTube videos keep creating a stir on social media. Even though Gori Nagori is small in height, she has huge respect in the hearts of her fans. So many people reached the program that the help of police administration had to be taken to control them.

One of her dance videos is seen creating a stir on social media, where crowds of people are seen losing their temper. If you haven’t seen this video, you haven’t seen anything.

Gori Nagori, born in Rajasthan, is creating a stir in the Haryanvi industry with her dance, which is making everyone’s heart melt. If you see the viral video you will go crazy. Their dances are reminding not only young boys but also old people of romance.

The viral video is spreading like wildfire on social media. You can easily see in the video that the blonde is seen doing a back-breaking dance. This video is going viral rapidly. In this video the blonde is seen in a green suit. Blonde Nagori dances brilliantly. She shakes her whole body. Then she sits on the stage and starts caressing her body. Along with this she takes off the scarf and throws it away.

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