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Bollwood actress when producer understood vidya balan a curse for their movies. Before signing the actress, the makers used to look at her horoscope and started understanding it as a trick! Today he is a superstar

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Vidya Balan Career: The cycle of hits and flops continues in Bollywood. It is not necessary that every actor always gives hit films, but it is even wrong to consider him a curse if he gives flop after flop. The same happened with a Bollywood actress who started her career with a hit film and today is ruling the industry on her own strength, but there came a time when bad luck was associated with her and the makers did not include her in films. Were afraid to take it. We are talking about Vidya Balan.

Made debut with Parineeta

In the year 2004, Vidya Balan entered the world of big screen, the name of the film was Parineeta which was a superhit. However, it is said that Vidya Balan had to give screen test 60 times for Parineeta and only then she got finalized in the lead role. Before this she was working on TV. However, after Parineeta, there came a period in Vidya’s career when her films started flopping one after the other.

fall back

It is also said that at that time, before signing Vidya Balan in the film, people started looking at her horoscope to see whether it would be right to cast her in the film or not. Because it was believed that if Vidya was signed in the film, the film would not be released. Well, how big a superstition this was, Vidya herself proved through her hard work day and night.

Today she is counted among the top actresses
It would not be wrong to call Vidya Balan a character actress. Because today she has the courage to make films a hit on her own. Many times the entire responsibility of the film rested on his shoulders and he fulfilled this responsibility very well. Sherni, Jalsa, Shakuntala Devi, Mission Mangal, Bhool Bhulaiya, Kahaani, Begum Jaan are those films which are among the best films of Vidya Balan.

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