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Brandi Boyd’s baby passed away at 4 months old after ‘failed resuscitation’

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Love and hip-hop stars Brandi Boyd and Max Lux struggle with an unimaginable tragedy as they mourn the loss of their precious boy, Lux. The couple recently shared this heartbreaking news on social media, leaving their fans and loved ones in deep grief.

Early struggles: Lux, their fourth child, arrived prematurely in late 2022. His tiny lungs struggled to breathe and he needed the help of a CPAP machine. The devoted parents were hopeful, and Brandi even shared her optimism on Instagram, saying, “The rainbow is coming.” They had no idea that their debt would soon disappear.

Devastating Announcement: On March 7, 2023, Brandi Boyd took to Instagram to share the unbearable truth – her beloved son, Lux, had passed away. At only four months, Lux’s time on this earth was tragically short. In her heartfelt post, Brandi expressed her sadness and longing, saying, “I can’t do this without you, let me embrace your scent.” The pain in her words was palpable.

A plea for comfort: In a touching video post, Brandi asked for a sign from her late son, hoping for some reassurance that he is at peace. The video, which shows Lux’s beaming smile, touched the hearts of fans and sparked an outpouring of tributes and support.

Heartfelt message from Max Lux: Max Lux, Brandi’s husband and producer, also shared the news of their heartbreaking loss on the same day. He acknowledged the immense trial they faced and asked for the prayers and understanding of his followers. Max revealed that, despite all efforts, they were unable to resuscitate Lux and emphasized that it was not a case of wrongdoing.

Grief after grief: The tragedy comes at a particularly challenging time for the couple. Max recently lost a close friend, a loss he shared with his followers on February 12. Likewise, Brandi paid tribute to another late friend, Bobbi Kristina, just three days before Lux’s death on March 4. The weight of multiple losses left their hearts heavy and broken.

Growing family: In August 2022, Brandi happily announced on Instagram that she was expecting their fourth child. Brandi and Max have shared their lives since getting married in 2007. Before Lux, they were blessed with three beautiful children: Prince Brandus, Princess Cadence, and Princess Sonnet. The addition of Lux brought immense joy to their family, making his loss even more profound.

A Painful Farewell: Lux’s death left a void in their lives that words cannot fill. Their family, friends and fans are rallying around them at this difficult time. Brandi Boyd and Max Lux are dealing with unspeakable pain, but they are not alone in their grief. Messages of love, prayers and support continue to pour in from around the world.

Conclusion: The heartbreaking loss of Lux Boyd has cast a shadow over the lives of Brandi Boyd and Max Lux. Their journey through grief is painful, but the outpouring of love and support serves as a reminder of the strength of community in times of grief. In difficult times, they find comfort in the unity of those who care deeply about them.

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