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Bulletproof vest, drones… What gifts did Kim Jong Un get from Russia after returning to North Korea – North Korean leader Kim Jong Un gifted bulletproof vest and drones as he leaves Russia NTC

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un returned to his country after a week-long visit to Russia. Kim Jong, who visited Russia in his special train, also received some special gifts while returning to North Korea. Bulletproof jackets and drones were found among these gifts. These gifts have further increased the concern of western countries.
Kim Jong during his visit to Russia held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. After this, the possibility increased that North Korea could provide weapons to Russia to help in the attack on Ukraine.

Kim Jong is rarely seen traveling abroad. He was given a grand welcome in Russia. During most of his tour, Kim Jong visited military sites. North Korea is under heavy sanctions, so it needs everything from energy to food and military technology.

Kim received this special gift from Russia

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According to Russian state media TASS, Kim Jong was gifted a bulletproof jacket and a set of drones by the governor of the eastern Russian region of Primorye. According to TASS, this jacket provides protection on the chest, shoulders, neck and waist. It is also much lighter than other security jackets.

According to Russian media, Kim was also gifted five kamikaze drones made in the same region, as well as a Geranium-25 Aircraft Type reconnaissance drone. Apart from this, a set of special clothes was also gifted to him, which is invisible to thermal imaging cameras.

Grand farewell given to Kim Jong

According to Russian news agency RIA, Kim Jong was given a grand farewell. The farewell ceremony organized for him included red carpet and honor guard. After this, Kim left for North Korea in his special armored train from Artem Railway Station. Russian officials waved him off. North Korea border town Khasan is 200 kilometers away from Artem.

Kim supported Russia

Kim and Putin met on Wednesday and held a five-hour long meeting at the Vostochny Cosmodrome spaceport, in which Putin said Kim showed great interest and that North Korea has given space technology a priority. At the same time, after the talks, Kim extended his support to Putin and said, I will always stand with Russia. Putin described the meeting with Kim as very concrete. However, no deal was publicly announced between the two countries.

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