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‘By holding me…’, Bharat Takhtani had called Esha Deol possessive, then the actress said in anger – I will take out your eyes – Bharat Takhtani revealed Esha Deol possessiveness actress said aankh nikal doongi

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Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani parted ways after 12 years. After marriage in 2012, they ended their relationship in 2024. Both of them first met during an inter-school competition and after marriage, both of them became parents of two daughters. But not together now. In an old interview, Bharat had told how Isha used to hold him. She was very possessive.

Shortly after his marriage, in an interview given to ‘Filmfare’, Bharat Takhtani had told about the possessive nature of his wife Esha Deol. Both of them were positive in comparison to him. But because of his wife, he had to be a little more careful when he was around his old friends. He further jokingly said that Isha would be a possessive mother and would not even allow the nurse to hold her child.

Bharat had said this about Isha

Bharat Takhtani had told, ‘I am very positive but not as much as him. Holds me and keeps me. Even when I’m with my old friends I have to be a little careful. She will also be a possessive mother. She won’t even allow the nurse to hold her baby.

Esha Deol had clapped

Esha Deol was also in this interview. Who had expressed displeasure at her husband’s reaction. He did not like all these things of Bharat and he immediately clapped and jokingly said that ‘I will take out his eyes.’ Along with this, Bharat also talked about the fight with Isha. Told that he does not like arguing. But Isha has a habit of doing all these things again and again. Hema Malini’s ex-son-in-law had told that he always resolves the fight first. There is no ego in them.

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