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Canadian singer Shubh’s Mumbai concert cancelled, accused of supporting Khalistanis – India Canada Tensions canadian singer mumbai concert canceled facing flak for supporting Khalistan tmovf

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Canadian singer Shubneet Singh is in the news these days. 26 year old Shubneet, who made headlines due to his songs, is embroiled in controversies. Shubneet has been accused of supporting Khalitanis amid the increasing tension between Canada and India, after which her big concert to be held in Mumbai has been cancelled. The singer is also being criticized heavily on social media.

Singer Shubneet entangled in which controversies?

26 year old Shubneet has been accused of supporting separatist Khalistani elements. It is being told that he had shared the controversial map of India on social media, in which Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir were shown being removed from the map of India. Since this post, he has been embroiled in controversies.

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Many members of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) also say that Shubneet supports separatist Khalistanis. After this allegation against the singer, everyone from fans to celebs have become angry with him. Many big companies are also venting their anger on the singer.

‘Boat India’ withdrew sponsorship

Shubneet was going to have a big show at the end of this month, the tickets for which were also sold out. But after the allegations against the singer, the show’s sponsor ‘Boat India’ has withdrawn its hands. ‘Boat India’ said in its statement that it will no longer sponsor Punjabi singer Shubneet’s concert in India. Shubneet’s concert has been canceled in India.

Virat Kohli unfollowed the singer

After the allegations against Shubneet, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has also expressed his displeasure against her. Virat has unfollowed the singer from social media. Indian fans, who till now liked Shubneet’s songs, are now opposing Shubneet by unfollowing her.

Who is Shubneet Singh?

Punjabi singer Shubneet Singh was born in 1997 in Punjab. But now he lives in Canada. Fans know him as Shubh. His age is 26 years. Shubneet’s songs are quite popular in India. He has a strong fan following. Many big celebrities also follow Shubneet.

Shubneet’s singing career is only two years old. The singer started his singing career in 2021 with ‘Don’t Look’ with Irman Thiara. After this his song ‘We Rollin’ came, which became a big hit. Shubneet is known for songs like OG, Elevated and Cheques. His songs are mostly based on gangs, guns, cars, Jat life.

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