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Chandrayaan-3 Phase 2: ISRO scientist’s big revelation regarding Chandrayaan-3’s awakening, when will Vikram lander and Pragyan Rover wake up from sleep – chandrayaan 3 Vikram lander Pragyan Rover will be wake up on 23 September 2023 as per ISRO director Nilesh Desai SSC

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Vikram lander and Pragyan rover of Chandrayaan-3 will not wake up today i.e. on 22 September 2023. They will continue to sleep for now. Nilesh Desai, Director of ISRO’s Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad has said that ISRO will try to wake up Chandrayaan-3 i.e. Lander-Rover tomorrow i.e. on September 23. At present the Lander-Rover is inactive.

It is morning on the moon. The light is available completely. But Chandrayaan-3’s lander and rover have not yet received enough energy. Many inputs have been received from Chandrayaan-3, which ISRO scientists are investigating in depth. The data of the last ten days is also being analyzed. During this period, Pragyan Rover has made a movement of 105 meters.

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Analysis of the data received from Pragyan Rover is also going on. Analysis of lunar soil is underway. So that we will know about mining, water situation and possibility of human life. Till now he was in sleep mode. At that time the temperature in the southern polar region of the Moon was minus 120 to minus 220 degrees Celsius. Due to this the circuit of the equipment gets spoiled.

European Space Agency was sending messages to the moon since morning

How much effect this temperature has had on Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover will be known only after Chandrayaan-3 wakes up. Earlier this morning, messages were being sent continuously to Chandrayaan-3 lander Vikram from the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Kourou space station. But the response from the lander was weak. That means the kind of powerful radio frequency that should be coming from it was not coming from it.

This claim was made by amateur astronomer Scott Tilley. Scott has written in a tweet that bad news, Chandrayaan-3 is emitting on the channel 2268 MHz. This is a weak band. That means strong signal has not been received from Chandrayaan-3’s lander yet. Scott has made many tweets.

Vikram Lander’s frequency was weak in the morning

Earlier, Scott tweeted that Korou had come in contact. Is sending messages on its correct frequency. Chandrayaan is continuously sending on-off signals. The signals coming from the moon are sometimes stable. Sometimes jumping. Sometimes falling down completely. Whereas the signal sent from Korau is stable. The transponder of Vikram Lander is of RX frequency. It should operate at a frequency of 240/221. But it is giving signal of 2268 MHz. Which is not stable.

At present, both the European Space Agency and ISRO have not confirmed whether Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander and Pragyan rover have woken up or not. It is believed that ISRO will confirm this by afternoon. Sunlight has reached the spot where Vikram Lander is at Shiv Shakti Point.

Sunlight falling on Shiv Shakti Point

Vikram Lander: The place where Vikram Lander is on the south pole of the Moon, the sunlight is falling at 13 degrees. The beginning of this angle started from 0 degrees and ended at 13. That means the sunlight is falling crookedly on Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover. Sunlight at an angle of 6 to 9 degrees has the ability to provide enough energy to wake up Vikram from sleep.

ISRO’s UR Rao Satellite Center Director M Shankaran said this to an English newspaper. He told that the real idea about the health of Vikram and Pragyan will be known by 22nd September. It is certain that if Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover wake up and start working, it will be a bonus for ISRO.

According to the data sent so far, the mission of Vikram Lander and Pragyan Rover has been completed. Even if the lander lifts off, we will still get a lot of data back. Many in-situ experiments can be done again. After waking up, many more data will be available, which will take many months to analyze and get results. Some new information may be available.

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