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Chashni 6th May 2023 Written Update: Raunaq Tells Chandni She Only Deserves Hate!

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The last episode of Chashni, which aired on May 6, 2023, saw some intense moments. We’ll break down the story for you.

Good work by Chandni Nisha tells Raunaq that she gave Chandni an idea for Chitra’s birthday party and Chandni, being the kind person she is, arranged it to make everyone happy. Raunaq has some thoughts in his head.

Gautam’s troubles Meanwhile, Gautam creates chaos by attacking Bindu and Vandana. Meher enters the kitchen and praises Bindu and Vandana for their excellent cooking skills. Bindu even prepares a delicious chole bhature for Chandni’s lunch. But Gautam behaves rudely calling her bad food and scolding Meher. He goes a step further by accidentally spilling juice on Mehera’s dress, which infuriates her. Gautam insists that he wants to take over the kitchen himself and orders Sarjot to get rid of Bindu and Vandana.

Sarjot, on the other hand, explains that they are guests and that they cannot just be sent away. Gautam’s close association with them over decades adds to the complexity of the situation.

Chandni’s aspirations Chandni asks Sumer for permission to help, but he puts a condition. She has to promise to become the best firefighter in India and also be careful, now that she is Babbar’s daughter-in-law. Later, the entire family gathers in the living room, where Chandni asks them to bless her for her new job. She asks everyone to write blessing notes in Hindi, just like Bindu used to do when she was upset. However, Raunaq chooses to distance himself, claiming that Chandni does not need his approval.

The mystery of empty notebooks Manav comes to pick up Chandni for her first day at work. Chandni asks him to wait while she collects the notes with blessings. Sumer advises her to go to her office and collect the notes from Raj. When Chandni reaches the Delhi fire station, Manav hands her a box of currency notes for blessings. To her surprise, all the notes are blank, except for one at the bottom, which warns her not to try to reveal the sender’s identity. Chandni is determined to uncover the mystery behind these blank notebooks.

Raunaq’s unexpected rescue Roshni informs Raunaq that she needs to prepare a surprise for Chandni that night. Chandni calls Manav to share her excitement about receiving the transfer letter and joining the team that day. As she tries to reach for her uniform in the locker, she almost loses her balance, but Raunaq comes to her rescue. Their eyes meet for a moment, but Chandni quickly pushes him away and faces him. She wonders if he sees himself as a hero or a villain and if he loves her or hates her. Raunaq silences her by covering her mouth and harshly tells her that she deserves only hatred.

Sarjot’s gossip mischief As Sarjot spots Bindu and Vandana passing by, he pretends to be on the phone. He makes fun of them for living in his daughter’s house after her wedding. Vandana advises Binda to ignore Sarjota’s remarks, reminding her that they are there for their daughters.

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