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Chief Ministers of Delhi and Punjab reached Ram’s court in Ayodhya – News18 Hindi

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Sarvesh Srivastava/Ayodhya. After being seated in Ayodhya, Ram devotees from all over the country and the world are reaching Ayodhya to attend the court of Lord Ram. Recently, where the government of Uttar Pradesh sought blessings from the child Ram sitting in Ayodhya, the very next day i.e. today, the Chief Minister of Delhi and Punjab also reached the city of Lord Ram with his family and took blessings from Ramlal. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who reached Ayodhya, looked very happy after seeing the grand temple of Lord Ram. So Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwat Mann also had darshan and worship with his family and prayed to Lord Ram for the progress of the country.

Let us tell you that today at around 12:00 pm, the Chief Ministers of Punjab and Delhi reached Ayodhya with their families at Maharishi Valmiki Airport. After being welcomed at the airport, both the Chief Ministers reached the court of Ramlal. Where the Trust officials welcomed both the Chief Ministers by chanting Ramnaam. Both the Chief Ministers looked very excited after seeing the construction of the grand temple. Both the Chief Ministers have also prayed to Lord Ram for peace and happiness and prosperity in the country.

CM arrived for darshan with family
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that today we and Maan Saheb along with our family have come to Ayodhya ji to worship Lord Ram. Along with us, our wife and our parents came to Ayodhya along with Maan Saheb, his wife and his parents. Today I had the privilege of seeing and worshiping Ramlala. Got the experience of immense peace after seeing Lord Ram. I felt so good that it can’t be described in words. It is a matter of good fortune for the entire society and the entire world. A grand and beautiful temple has been completed in Ayodhya. Every day lakhs of Ram devotees are coming for darshan and worship. Seeing the faith, the heart becomes happy and we have prayed to God for everyone’s happiness, peace and health.

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Prayer of CM Bhagwat Mann
Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwat Mann said that he had a long-standing desire to have darshan of Lord Ram with his family. India today is a country of religious faith. When any festival or festival is celebrated, we come together and celebrate. He prayed for the progress and peace of the country and said brotherhood should prevail. India is a bouquet and the bouquet has different colours. Fruits and flowers have their own fragrance. It felt great to come to Ayodhya.


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