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China bowed before Prachanda, Nepali Prime Minister distanced himself from ‘Asian NATO’, big statement on Taiwan – Nepal China News Prachanda appeased China on Taiwan issue and West India not mentioning GSI Asian NATO

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Beijing: After the tough stance of Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, who was on a visit to China, Dragon softened its stance on the Global Security Initiative or GSI, also known as ‘Asian NATO’. In the statement issued after the meeting between the Nepali Prime Minister and the Chinese Prime Minister, while the Belt and Road Project is mentioned, the name of GSI is not there. Earlier, China had put pressure on Nepal to join the GSI which it is forming in response to the Quad. So far 80 countries have given approval to join GSI. However, the Nepali Prime Minister gave some relief to the Jinping government by declaring Taiwan as a part of China.

Reiterating his earlier promise, the Nepali PM said that his country supports the ‘One China’ policy. Nepal said that the Government of China is the legal government of the whole of China and Taiwan is an integral part of it. Nepal is against Taiwan’s independence. The Nepalese side stressed that the Tibet issue is China’s internal matter and it will not allow any separatist activity against China on Nepali soil. Both countries promised to pay attention to each other’s concerns.

China had put pressure on Nepal for GSI

China said that it fully supports the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nepal. Nepal said it will join China’s GDI scheme which is meant to boost development. Agreement reached on energy and cross border transmission line between China and Nepal. China agreed to reopen the border trading point with Nepal. China also promised cooperation to Nepal on railways and highways. China will now help in operating flights at Nepal’s Pokhara Airport.

The absence of GSI in the joint statement between China and Nepal is being considered a big victory for Nepal. According to Nepali media, China was pressurizing Nepal to join GDI. At the same time, Nepal made it clear that it will not be a part of any military alliance. In this way, while Nepali PM tried to please China by opposing Taiwan’s independence, at the same time by maintaining distance from GDI, he also appeased India and America. India also views China’s GDI with suspicion.

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