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China Crisis Is Danger For Xi World Concern Xi Jinping Defense Minister Li Shangfu And Foreign Minister Qin Gang Missing

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Xi Jinping and China Crisis: Everything is not going well in China. The Defense Minister there, Li Shangfu, has been missing for a long time. Questions are being raised all over the world as to where he has gone and why he is not seen anywhere in public. All these questions are creating turmoil in China also. This is also creating uncertainty about President Xi Jinping’s rule.

The US Ambassador to Japan says that Li Shangfu is under house arrest. It has been said in many media reports that he has been facing serious allegations of corruption. According to the report of Wall Street Journal, Li Shangfu was also taken for questioning last week.

the meeting was suddenly canceled

According to Reuters report, Li Shangfu suddenly canceled a meeting with Vietnamese leaders last week. Earlier in July this year, newly appointed Foreign Minister Qin Gang also went missing with little explanation. That same month, there was a sudden change in the military’s elite rocket force, which oversees China’s nuclear arsenal.

That’s why political analysts are expressing doubts

On one hand, the disappearance of China’s top level ministers and on the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s sudden distance from international events is attracting the attention of the world. Jinping has created concern among foreign diplomats by not attending the G-20 summit held in India this month. Given the growing uncertainties, some diplomats and analysts are calling for a hard look at the true nature of Xi Jinping’s rule.

‘Lack of transparency around China’

Drew Thompson, a former Pentagon official, says, “Now a clear assessment is needed. It is not just a question of whether China is a partner or a competitor, but whether China is a source of economic, political and military risk.” He says, “There seems to be a lack of transparency around the changes in China and this contributes to the crisis of confidence developing around China.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry has no answer

China’s Foreign Ministry did not give any answer in this matter on Saturday. Regarding Defense Minister Li’s disappearance and the investigation, a ministry spokeswoman told reporters on Friday that she had no knowledge of the situation, while the State Council and the Defense Ministry did not respond.

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