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China Defense Minister: Where is Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu, who has been missing for a month? Ministry gave first reaction

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Beijing, AP. For the first time, there has been a public reaction regarding the Chinese Defense Minister, who has been missing for the last one month. However, no clear answer has been given by the Defense Ministry on this yet. A Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday that he had no information about the Defense Minister.

Information about Defense Minister came to light

Defense Ministry Information Officer Colonel Qian was addressing a press conference on Thursday, during which he was asked whether there was a corruption investigation against Defense Minister Li Shangfu and whether he was still the Defense Minister. In response to this question he said only one sentence.

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When asked a question about the Defense Minister, the information officer said,

I don’t know about the situation you asked about.

Chinese Defense Minister has been missing since last month

Let us tell you that a new cabinet was formed in China in March this year and Li Shangfu was included as Defense Minister in the new cabinet. Li Shangfu was last seen in public on August 29. Since then he has been missing and no information has come to light.

Chinese Foreign Minister has also disappeared

Before this, China’s former Foreign Minister Qin Gang, who was removed from the post of Foreign Minister in July, has also gone missing. The Chinese government has not yet given any reason as to why Qin Gang was removed from the post of Defense Minister.

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Why do Chinese officials suddenly disappear?

It has been observed that Chinese Defense Minister Li Shangfu and former Foreign Minister Qin Gang have suddenly disappeared. He suddenly stopped his presence on the public platform and disappeared.

In China, it is normal for any official or other people to disappear like this. It has often been seen that criminal charges emerge against officers months after they go missing. However, the sudden disappearance of two ministers is unusual.

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