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China Mocks Taiwan’s First Indigenous Submarine, Said Its Broom Attempting To Hold Tide

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china mocks taiwan first indigenous submarine said its broom attempting to hold tide

Taiwan’s first indigenous submarine
– Photo: Social Media


China has ridiculed Taiwan’s first indigenous submarine by saying that it is an attempt to stop the wave with a broom. Let us tell you that on September 28, Taiwan has unveiled its first indigenous defense submarine which can carry a weight of 2700 tons. Taiwan plans to build eight such submarines. In view of the increasing threat from China, there is a lot of discussion about this step of Taiwan. Now China has made fun of this step of Taiwan.

China made fun

Wu Qian, a senior Chinese military officer and Defense Ministry spokesman, mocked Taiwan’s submarine program, saying, ‘It’s like you’re trying to stop a wave of the ocean with a broom.’ He also termed it as ‘stupidity’. He said that ‘no matter how many weapons Taiwan produces, it will not be able to stop the People’s Liberation Army’s determination and strong capabilities for its national unification trend and territorial integrity.’

Colonel Wu had also written in an article written in China’s official newspaper Global Times on September 25 that any ambition of Taiwan to stop the PLA navy in the Pacific Ocean is just an illusion. An anonymous Chinese expert has written that if there was a war between China and Taiwan, Taiwan’s submarines would be easily detected and would pose only a limited threat to the PLA navy.

Haikun, Taiwan’s first indigenous submarine

Taiwan’s first indigenous submarine named Haikun runs on diesel and electricity and its construction started for the first time in November 2020. After testing, it will be inducted into the Taiwanese Navy in the year 2024. America has expressed fear that China may attack Taiwan in the coming time. In such a situation, Taiwan’s army is gradually increasing its strength to avoid China’s attack.

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