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Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2 Release Date : Recap, Cast, Review, Spoilers, Streaming, Schedule & Where To Watch?

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Waiting for season 2

Many fans are eagerly waiting for the news about Knights of the Fallen Season 2. Although an official announcement is yet to come, there are rumors of a possible “Special” episode. This anime has gotten a lot of love, with a rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb and 7.4/10 on MyAnimeList, showing how much people enjoy it. For those looking to catch up, you can watch Knights of the Fallen Season 1 on Crunchyroll.

About the chivalry of the fallen knight

This show, created by Misora ​​Riku, takes us to a fantasy world where special people called “Blazers” can summon weapons using their soul power. The first season, consisting of 12 episodes, aired between October 3, 2015 and December 19, 2015. You can find it on Hulu and Crunchyroll for streaming.

When can we expect the second season?

Fans have been waiting for a follow-up to the 2015 debut season, hoping for a continuation of this stunner
Story. There are hints on the official Silver Link/Nexus website about a potential “Special” episode for season two,
which caused excitement among anime fans.


In this world, we follow Ikki Kurogane, an “F rank” jacket, and Stella Vermillion, a prestigious European
Princess. Their paths cross at Hagun Academy, where they become unlikely roommates. Despite their initial differences, they team up on a journey full of challenges, training for the Seven Star Sword Art Festival.

Season 1 highlights

Season 1 focused on Ikki’s growth as he aimed to prove himself despite being labeled the “Worst Student”. His journey intertwines with Stella’s as they both strive for glory representing their academy.

Expectations for the second season

If Season 2 gets the green light, we can expect Ikka and Stella’s journey to continue. Reports suggest
potential conflicts with formidable opponents from the Akatsuki organization. Fans hope for more action,
character development and deeper connections between the protagonists.

Studios behind season 2

Silver Link and Nexus Studios handled the production of Chivalry Of A Failed Knight. If season 2 is confirmed,
those studios will likely continue their work, ensuring consistency in animation and storytelling.

Cast and characters

The main cast consists of Shizuka Ishigami as Stella Vermillion, Ryōta Ōsaka as Ikki Kurogane and a number of other talented actors who bring the various characters to life.

Ratings and number of episodes

The series has earned praise, with a rating of 7.3/10 on IMDb and 7.4/10 on MyAnimeList. Season 2 could follow the precedent of the first season, probably consisting of around 12 to 13 episodes.

Where to watch

For now, while Season 2 is still unconfirmed, you can enjoy Season 1 on platforms like Crunchyroll. Even without official news, fans can hope for his return.

To finish

While there is no confirmed date for Knights of the Fallen Season 2, buzz around a potential “Special” episode is keeping the excitement alive. Fans eagerly await new adventures, battles and the development of their favorite characters. With the show’s availability on Crunchyroll and its massive viewership, anticipation for its return remains high among dedicated fans!

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