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Choreographer tried to forcibly touch Sayantika Banerjee on the set, the actress suddenly returned from the shooting

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Actress-politician Sayantika Banerjee was shooting in Bangladesh for Taju Kamrul’s film ‘Chaibaaz’. During this time, something happened to her that the actress was horrified. Sayantika suddenly returned to Kolkata, leading to rumors about the reasons behind her sudden departure. Initially Sayantika maintained silence about the incident and avoided talking about it after returning to Kolkata. But now it has come to light that she was molested on the set.

However, a Bangladeshi media outlet reported that the shooting of ‘Chaibaaz’ was only half completed when Sayantika Banerjee walked out, and reported that the choreographer named Michael had misbehaved with her, leading to her immediate departure. . In an interview, Sayantika told that the real thing is beyond this. He said that many things happened due to poor arrangements by the makers. Sayantika revealed that initially, a dance trainer had come for the shoot, but he left, after which choreographer Michael came. After this he left his work.

teasing sayantika banerjee

Sayantika molested

Sayantika recounted an incident during which Michael allegedly tried to touch her without her consent, prompting her to openly confront him. He told that he tried repeatedly to talk to the makers regarding various technical issues, but did not get any response, which shows the lack of facilities on their part.

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Everything happened in dance sequence

Sayantika and the crew are suddenly informed about a dance sequence shoot. After receiving no response despite several attempts to contact the makers, Sayantika said that she would not work with Michael under those circumstances. However, the makers insisted that Sayantika continue to work with Michael. Despite the tension, Sayantika may also return to film shooting.

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