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Court Reprimands AAP MP Sanjay Singh For Taking Modi Adani Name – Court reprimands AAP MP Sanjay Singh for taking Adani’s name

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Court reprimands AAP MP Sanjay Singh for taking Adani's name

Sanjay Singh was arrested on October 4 on charges of money laundering in liquor policy.

New Delhi :

During the appearance of Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh in the court on Friday, something happened that the judge got angry and he even told Sanjay Singh that if it is like this, then there is no need to come here. In fact, the special court of Rouse Avenue, Delhi, sent him to judicial custody for 14 days on Friday. Sanjay Singh was arrested by ED on October 4 on charges of money laundering in Delhi’s liquor policy.

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When the court fixed the next date of appearance of Sanjay Singh on October 27 and gave Sanjay Singh a chance to present his views, Sanjay Singh started accusing and raising questions from ED to Adani. Sanjay Singh said, “In the 8 days of custody, the ED interrogated them for hardly 2-3 hours and made them face to face with only one person. You see their questions, how they are asking. They are asking whether I am my mother. Why did you give money to someone, why did you give money to help someone…?’

Sanjay Singh said, “If their intention was to investigate, they would have done it seriously…it has become an entertainment department.” On this, Judge MK Nagpal said that you have been interrogated daily.

Sanjay Singh did not stop here, he told the judge, “I had given a petition to investigate the Adani scam, but no investigation was done.”

Judge MK Nagpal got angry after listening to Sanjay Singh and said, “This is a completely unrelated matter… If he has to say something for (PM Narendra) Modi or Adani, then it cannot be allowed. From the case If you want to say something relevant then it is fine, but giving political speech cannot be allowed. If this is what you want to do, then there is no need to come here. Your appearance can also be conducted through video conferencing.”

Let us tell you that earlier during the hearing in the court on October 10, the judge had said that Sanjay Singh should avoid making statements in the media.

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