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Cuba G77 Summit 2023; China Li Xi On Developing Countries And Global South | Invited to join BRI project; Jaishankar could not attend the meeting

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UN Chief Antonio Guterres with leaders of G77 countries (File)

After the G20 summit held in India on 9 and 10 September, G77, an organization of developing countries of the world, held a meeting in Havana city of Cuba. China also joined it. During this, Li Xi, representing China, said – China is the largest developing country in the world. No matter how much progress we make, we will always be members of the Global South and will support developing countries. China also invited G77 countries to be part of its Belt and Road Project.

Actually, India and China are competing to become the leaders of the Global South countries. G2O became a member of the African Union organization under the chairmanship of India. In such a situation, China did not miss this opportunity where all the developing countries of the world gathered on one platform. G77 countries raised their voice from Havana against the dominance of Western countries in the world. The demands of these countries were also supported by United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres. Brazilian President Lula da Silva, who chairs the G20, also attended the meeting.

In the first session of the G20, as soon as Prime Minister Modi passed the proposal to make the African Union a G20 member, union leader Ajali Asomani hugged him.

Western countries are running the world according to their interests
During the meeting, Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canal said that Western countries are running the world keeping in mind their calculations and interests. It is now in the hands of us Global South countries to change the rules of the game.

While speaking on the problem of climate change and debt in the world, UN Chief Antonio Guterres said that the world has disappointed the developing countries. He said that to deal with problems like climate change at the global level, it is necessary to bring equality at the international level.

Colombia’s President said- we are killing each other
The issue of Ukraine war also came up in the meeting of G77 countries. During this, Colombia’s President Gustov Petro said- We are killing each other. He demanded all the countries to raise the issue of war not because because of the war they had to choose between Russia and Ukraine. Rather, so that a quick solution to the war can be found. He also said that there is no difference in the war going on between Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Palestine.

The leaders of G77 countries also took a group photo after the meeting in Cuba.

India is also a member of G77 organization
India claims itself to be the leader of developing and Global South countries on every platform. In such a situation, this platform is very important for India. India is also a member of the G77 organization.
When this organization was created in 1964, India presided over it for the first time. Now 134 countries are members of this organization. These also include Pakistan and Afghanistan.

However, no big leader from India could attend the meeting held in Cuba. Earlier, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar had said that he would go to Cuba to attend this meeting. Then due to the special session of Parliament he had to cancel the program.

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