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CWC Meeting: Bhupesh Baghel and Digvijay alerted the party on Sanatan controversy, Rahul also gave this advice to his leaders – congress cwc meeting leaders sanatana dharma row rahul gandhi bhupesh baghel digvijay singh ntc

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Congress Working Committee meeting was held in Hyderabad on Saturday. In this meeting the ongoing controversy on Sanatan Dharma was also discussed. According to sources, some Congress leaders have appealed to adopt a cautious approach on this matter and not get trapped in BJP’s agenda.

Sources said, some leaders including Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel and former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh said in the CWC meeting that the party should stay away from such issues and not get entangled in it.

After Udhayanidhi, now A Raja compared Sanatan with HIV, RJD leader Jagadanand said – Those who apply Tilak…

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At the same time, Rahul Gandhi has also advised his leaders not to get involved in the Sanatan dispute. He said that instead of getting trapped in this, one should focus on the poor and their issues as they have been the traditional vote bank of the party. Rahul Gandhi said that the party should raise the issues of the poor, irrespective of caste. In this meeting, both Bhupesh Baghel and Digvijay Singh said that speaking on the Sanatan Dharma controversy will harm the party and benefit the BJP.

What did Congress leader P Chidambaram tell?

When asked about this matter in the briefing held after this meeting, senior party leader P. Chidambaram said that the issue of Sanatan Dharma was not discussed during the CWC meeting. He said that the party believes in respecting all religions.

‘Those who want to destroy Sanatan should first understand its meaning…’, RSS leader said on the controversy

Chidambaram said, “There has been no discussion on the issue of Sanatan Dharma. Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has made it very clear that the Congress Party is not ready to get involved in any controversy on the issue of Sanatan Dharma.”

Chidambaram said, “I am not speaking for the DMK, but the DMK said that they are not against any religion. They are against caste oppression and things that go with the caste system like oppression of women, oppression of Dalits.” .”

Sanatan Dharma against social justice: Udhayanidhi

Recently DMK leader Udhayanidhi Stalin had said that Sanatan Dharma is against social justice and it should be abolished. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi Stalin compared Sanatan Dharma with coronavirus, malaria and dengue and said that such things should not be opposed but should be destroyed.

What did the king say about Sanatan?

DMK MP A Raja said that Udhayanidhi’s stance on Sanatan was soft. He said, “Sanatan Dharma should be compared with diseases having social stigma. Whereas Udhayanidhi has compared Sanatan with malaria.” The DMK leader further said, Sanatan should be compared with diseases having social stigma like HIV and leprosy.

Those who applied Tilak enslaved the country – Jagadanand

In Bihar, RJD President Jagdanand Singh, while targeting BJP and RSS, said that those who roam around wearing tilak have enslaved India. The country will not survive by building temples or demolishing mosques. Addressing the workers, Jagadanand said, at what time did the country become a slave, were there leaders like Karpoori Thakur, Lalu Prasad, Ram Manohar Lohia at that time? Jagdanand Singh said, dividing Hindus and Muslims in the country will not work.

Give a strict reply to the statement on Sanatan: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a meeting with ministers on Wednesday. During this, PM Modi asked the NDA ministers to respond properly (with facts) to Udhayanidhi’s statement on Sanatan Dharma. Along with this, PM Modi asked the ministers not to make statements in the India vs India dispute.

BJP targeted the alliance

Meanwhile, Home Minister Amit Shah accused the parties in the opposition alliance of insulting Sanatan Dharma for vote bank and appeasement politics. Shah said, other DMK leaders including the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s son are saying that Sanatan Dharma should be abolished. Amit Shah had come to address the rally in Rajasthan. He said that these people have talked about abolishing Sanatan Dharma to do vote bank and appeasement politics. Our culture, our history and Sanatan Dharma have been insulted.

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