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Daily tarot horoscope, 25 October, Wednesday rashifal, dainik rashifal, Aries Gemini rashifal, Scorpio rashi | Aries-Gemini zodiac people can start new work, Scorpio zodiac people should avoid negativity.

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On Wednesday, October 25, Aries people will be able to make a new start in their work. Gemini sign people will start work with a trustworthy person. Scorpio sign people should avoid negativity. Know from Tarot card reader Pranitha Deshmukh how the day can be for all the 12 zodiac signs…


If you want to make a new beginning, there is a need to increase self-confidence. The situation will change as expected, but the slow pace may cause restlessness and negativity. Need to concentrate on work. Let go of things you can’t control and move on.

career : Improvement in thinking will also improve the quality of work.

Love : You may face problems due to frequently changing thoughts about relationships.

Health :Health will be fine.

lucky color : Red

lucky number :3


You will receive praise for your work, and people’s trust will also increase. Those who are against you will support you. Take care only of the responsibility that is yours. Think deeply about responsibilities that are not yours.

career : Accomplishing work related targets will bring happiness.

Love : You will get a chance to correct relationship related mistakes.

Health : Stomach infection can cause discomfort.

lucky color : Blue

lucky number : 1

Gemini – TWO OF CUPS

Will move forward with the person whom we trust. There will be progress in work. Take decisions after understanding the expectations of your colleagues. Do not take hasty decisions due to negativity. For the next few days, it would be better to move forward only after examining every decision twice.

career : The work done in partnership will bring benefits and there will be a big change in life.

Love : To improve your love relationship, you need to increase your efforts.

Health : Muscle strain may occur.

lucky color : Green

lucky number : 2


Do every work with a vision. By taking right decisions, there will be stability in life soon. The inflow of money will increase. Along with investments, it will be possible for you to focus on big purchases also. You will be able to make changes in yourself according to time. Work with some patience for now.

career : Getting a big contract will remove negativity and anxiety.

Love : Pay attention to the changes coming in your life due to relationship. You will understand the importance of your partner.

Health : Do yoga to improve your health.

lucky color : White

lucky number :4


Observe each task in depth. Which will prove to be good for you and also for the people associated with you. The things you have chosen. It is painful at the moment, but as your thoughts become clearer, you will be able to understand these changes in a better way.

career : Youth will have to do their work seriously.

Love : Anger towards partner will go away.

Health : Acidity may cause discomfort.

lucky color : Yellow

lucky number :8


Spending time with family will make you feel positive. Most of the things depend on the expectations of the family, changes will need to be made in these. Today the focus will be only on entertainment. Increase interaction with new people.

career : You will get big projects due to new work.

Love : There will be stability in life due to relationship.

Health : There is a possibility of low BP and fever related problems.

lucky color : Red

lucky number :7


The impact of painful things will be reduced and you will be able to move towards your goal. Use money properly. Keep in mind that negativity does not increase because of others. Some habits need to be changed and this will be difficult. You will have to make efforts keeping in mind the ultimate goal.

career : Be careful not to make any mistakes while making transactions.

Love : You will get support from your partner in difficult times.

Health : There may be swelling on the feet.

lucky color : orange

lucky number :6


Negativity and confusion will start increasing due to what people say. Maintain focus on your thoughts. Keep thinking about your decisions. Focus on the tasks scheduled for today.

career : Maintain transparency in work related matters.

Love : Partners have to understand each other’s things.

Health : There may be a problem related to BP.

lucky color : purple

lucky number :5

Sagittarius – ACE OF WANDS

Do your work with full concentration and dedication. Only then will you get progress as per expectation. You will get the opportunities you want. Don’t pay attention to negative things. Maintain coordination in life.

career : While making changes in work, you will get the support of experienced people.

Love : Keep paying attention to the changes coming in the relationship.

Health : There is a possibility of increase in infection in the body.

lucky color : pink

lucky number :9

Capricorn – THE SUN

Remove negative thoughts. Even after getting the desired opportunity, self-confidence may decrease. Don’t try to avoid work. Otherwise you may have to repent later. Get the job done using the right advice.

career : Major work related obstacles will soon be removed.

Love : You will get happiness because of your partner.

Health : Get your health checked by a doctor only. Self-treatment can cause major damage.

lucky color : Blue

lucky number :5

Aquarius – THE WORLD

Proper planning is required before achieving the goal. You will get support from some people, but you will remain more lost in old things. For this reason it will be difficult to understand the situation properly. Even though you will face many obstacles, the work will be completed.

career : Decisions related to work and education will bring success.

Love : Get yourself out of negative relationships. Correct old mistakes while starting a new relationship.

Health : Do not ignore any physical problem.

lucky color : Red

lucky number :8


There will be a way to get the work done in an easier way. Because of this you will get pleasure. Getting more than one opportunity will bring a big change in the financial situation. There may be improvement in personal life. You yourself will have to find the solution to your problem. Today, stay alone for some time and think about your problem.

career : Before starting new work, the right team has to be formed.

Love : Positivity will increase due to relationship. The way you look at yourself will change.

Health : Do not ignore the problem of body pain.

lucky color : Yellow

lucky number :6

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