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Danny Denzongpa Rejected Gabbar Role In Sholay 1975 Career Got Ruined After His Role Was Cut In Feroz Khan Starrer Dharmatma Details Inside

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Danny Denzongpa Career: The cult classic ‘Sholey’ was released in the year 1975. People still remember the lead characters of this film i.e. Jai and Veeru. In this movie, Amjad Khan showed such villainy that the role of Gabbar became immortal, but do you know who was offered the role of Gabbar before Amjad Khan. The makers had approached Danny Denzongpa for this role, but he refused. After rejecting this film, Danny’s career suffered a lot.

Danny was the first choice for the role of Gabbar.
Amjad Khan was not the first choice for Gabbar in ‘Sholay’ but the makers wanted to cast Danny Denzongpa for it. Salim-Javed duo had written the character of Gabbar keeping Danny in mind. At that time, Danny was 26 years old and had worked in films like ‘Ishaara’, ‘Mere Apne’ and ‘Dhundh’, but he rejected the role of Gabbar because he had given his dates for the second film ‘Dharmatma’. Were. It is unfortunate that the film ‘Sholay’ was lost. Many of his scenes were cut in the movie ‘Dharmatma’.

Danny’s career went off track in one stroke
Danny played the role of an Afghan tribal in ‘Dharmatma’, who has a fight with the hero of the film and later both become friends. Firoz Khan was the hero in this movie. In the original draft of the film, Danny’s character helps the hero in avenging his father’s death. In a way, this was the second lead role in the film and that is why he signed this film. But later Firoz Khan felt that Danny’s character in the film was overshadowing his role, so he got the movie edited in such a way that Danny’s character became just a cameo from the second lead.

See the game of fate that ‘Sholay’ became the highest grossing film of that year and Gabbar’s character took Amjad Khan to the heights. On the other hand, the film ‘Dharmatma’ (1975) also became a superhit and Firoz Khan alone took all the credit. In this way, Danny’s career was derailed in one fell swoop.

Had made up my mind to quit acting
It is noteworthy that Danny Denzongpa acted in many films from 70s to 80s. He was often seen in the role of second lead or villain. Hardly any of his films were released as a hero. His most memorable role was in ‘Agneepath’. In this movie released in 1991, Danny played the role of gangster Kancha Cheena. It is said that there was a time when Danny had decided to quit acting due to continuous failure, but then he started doing supporting roles. He can be seen in supporting roles in films like ‘Baby’, ‘Robot’, ’16 December’, ‘Jai Ho’ and ‘Bang Bang’.

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