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Dave Marrs Brother, Family, And Background

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Dave Marrs, widely known for his home transformations on HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous, has sparked curiosity among fans about his family background, especially his brother, Matt Marrs. As Dave took to Instagram to share moments of his family during Christmas celebrations, viewers began to wonder about a lesser-known member of the Marrs family. In this article, we go into detail to introduce you to Matt Marrs and shed light on his background and relationship with Dave.

Meet Dave’s brother, Matt Marrs

Dave Marrs’ brother is none other than Matt Marrs, who lives in Bentonville, Arkansas. Hailing from Kiowa, Colorado, Matt is an integral part of Dave’s family, although he tends to stay out of the public eye. Dave’s recent family photo on Instagram, featuring Matt and his wife, piqued the interest of fans who wanted to know more about him.

Matt Marrs Family Man

Matt Marrs is a devoted family man. He is married to Karey Ross Marrs and their marital journey began on October 13, 2001. With 23 years of marriage behind them, the couple shares a strong and enduring bond. Together they are the parents of three daughters, fostering a loving family environment.


Matt’s educational journey includes attending Kiowa Undivided High School, showing his Colorado roots. Apart from his professional life, he likes to spend quality time fishing in his spare time. Matt’s recent rainbow trout catch, proudly shared on Facebook, reflects his passion for the outdoors.

The Berry Farm Connection

One notable aspect of Matt’s outfit is his choice of headgear. He often wears a hat from The Berry Farm, a business run by HGTV’s Fixer to Fabulous hosts Jenny and Dave Marrs. This connection highlights the close bond that the Marrs siblings share.

brother and sister Bond

The relationship between Matt and Dave Marrs is characterized by closeness and friendship. They often attend events together, such as the Chiefs vs. Vikings game in Kansas City, showing their strong brotherly bond. While Dave has made a name for himself in the home renovation world, Matt remains an essential part of his support system and family network.

Dave Marrs Family Heirloom

Dave Marrs was born into a military family, and his father served in the army. Despite his busy career, Dave continues to maintain a strong relationship with his parents, who are the proud grandparents of his five children with Jenny Marrs. Dave’s upbringing included exposure to construction as his father built cabins in Colorado. Working alongside his father during his high school years, Dave developed the skills that would later propel him to success in the home building field.

Golden anniversary celebration

Dave’s parents recently celebrated an important occasion, their 50th wedding anniversary. In a heartfelt post on Instagram, Dave expressed his admiration and gratitude for his parents, describing them as role models. Their enduring love and commitment serve as an inspiration to Dave and his family.


As Fixer to Fabulous fans continue to marvel at Dave Marrs’ talent and transformations on the show, they also get a glimpse of his beloved family. Although Dave may occupy the television spotlight, the presence of his brother Matt Marrs and the rest of his family plays a significant role in his life. Their shared experiences, celebrations and enduring bonds are a testament to the importance of family ties. As Dave continues to work his magic on Fixer to Fabulous, viewers can appreciate the support and love his family provides behind the scenes.

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