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David Sollenberger Obituary: A Tribute to the Deceased

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The sports community mourns the loss of David Sollenberger, a beloved figure known for his influence on the sports industry and as the esteemed father of Eric Sollenberger, a prominent sports media personality. Let’s honor the life and legacy of David Sollenberger.

A shocking announcement on Twitter:

The news of David Sollenberger’s death was first shared by his son Eric on Twitter. Expressing gratitude for the overwhelming support, Eric shared the profound impact his father had on his life. This announcement left family, friends and acquaintances in shock because the cause of David’s death remains undisclosed.

A life well lived:

David Sollenberger, who departed on April 18, 2023, was more than a sports enthusiast; he was a devoted father. While funeral arrangements remain secret, David’s impact on those who knew him will not be forgotten. His legacy extends through the successful career of his son Eric, known in sports media as the PFT Commenter.

Father’s influence on the path of a sports journalist:

David’s influence on Eric’s journey in sports journalism is immeasurable. As a devoted father, David instilled in Eric a passion for sports, laying the foundation for his successful career as a sports writer and pundit. Through unwavering support and encouragement, David played a key role in shaping Eric’s achievements.

Beyond the Family: Legacy in the Sports Industry:

David’s influence extended beyond his immediate family, reaching the wider sports industry. Eric, also known as the PFT commentator, is the co-host of the popular podcast “Pardon My Take”. The influence of David’s inspiration can be traced through Eric’s achievements, demonstrating the lasting impact a father can have on a child’s career.

Farewell to a beloved father and friend:

David Sollenberger will be remembered as a loving father and devoted friend. His warmth, together with his significant influence on the sports industry, leaves an indelible mark. Although he may no longer be physically present, his spirit lives on through the lives he touched, serving as an inspiration to current and future sports enthusiasts.

A PFT commentator shares an obituary:

David Sollenberger’s obituary was shared by Eric Sollenberger, popularly known as a PFT commentator. Eric, a satirical sportswriter who contributes to Barstool Sports, has made a significant impact on online coverage of the National Football League and American politics. His work, featured on various sports websites, reflects the influence of his father, David.

Legacy in satirical sports writing:

The PFT Commenter, who joined Barstool Sports in 2016, is the co-host of the successful podcast “Pardon My Take.” His unique style, often using satire, resonated with audiences, propelling the podcast to a prominent position on the iTunes Sports & Recreation chart. Eric’s journey, from his “Grit Week” adventures to his appearance on SportsCenter, showcases his distinctive contributions to the sports media landscape.


As we say goodbye to David Sollenberger, we reflect on a life well lived, marked by his passion for sports and the profound influence on the successful career of his son Eric. The sports community, along with family and friends, mourns the loss of an exceptional individual. David’s legacy serves as a reminder of the lasting impact a supportive and loving father can have on the journey of those they inspire.

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