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Delhi Airport IndiGo Flight Landing Controversy | Delhi Dense Fog | The plane stood on the runway of Delhi Airport for 15 minutes: Did not stop on the taxiway, was brought to the parking lot by towing plane; many flights late

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New Delhi23 minutes ago

Indigo flight 6E-2221 took off from Amritsar at 7:20 am and reached Delhi at 8:30 am. (file)

An Indigo plane lost its way after landing on Sunday at the country’s busiest Indira Gandhi Airport (IGI) in Delhi. Instead of stopping on the taxiway, he went to the end of the runway. Due to this the runway remained blocked for 15 minutes. During this period, many planes got delayed due to not getting landing and takeoff permission.

Actually, Indigo flight number 6E-2221 took off from Amritsar at 7:20 am and reached Delhi at 8:30 am. After landing, it had to reach the parking via the taxiway, but it stopped at the last point of the runway. When the airport management got information about this, it was pulled by a towing aircraft and brought to the parking lot.

Regarding the incident, Indigo spokesperson said – The flight landed at Delhi Airport at 8:30 am. There was dense fog in Delhi at that time. Due to low visibility, the flight did not stop at the exit taxiway and proceeded onto the runway. Other aircraft were also affected due to dense fog.

5 major incidents related to flight delay and commotion in the last 3 months…

1. January 31: Girl molested in SpiceJet flight, accused touched her inappropriately
On January 31, SpiceJet flight SG-592 was going from Kolkata to Bagdogra. During this time a 26 year old girl was molested by a passenger. The victim alleged that the accused passenger was touching her inappropriately while sitting next to her. He had deliberately placed his hand on her arm and thigh. Read the full news…

2. January 14: Delhi-Goa flight delayed by 13 hours, passenger slaps pilot

The pilot was informing the passengers about the delay of the plane. Meanwhile, a young man wearing a yellow hoodie came running from his seat and slapped the pilot.

On January 14, due to bad weather at Delhi airport, IndiGo’s Goa flight (6E-2175) was delayed by 13 hours. This enraged a passenger and he slapped the pilot. He got up from the seat and went to the pilot and after slapping him said – If you want to drive then drive otherwise open the gate. Read the full news…

3. 14th January: The flight reached Mumbai instead of Goa, passengers had dinner sitting near the tarmac

On January 14, the flight from Goa to Delhi was diverted to Mumbai after being delayed by 12 hours. Angered by this, the passengers started eating food sitting in the aircraft parking lot.

On January 14, Indigo flight 6E2195 going from Goa to Delhi was diverted to Mumbai after taking off 12 hours late. The passengers got angry due to this. They sat on the tarmac near the runway and started eating. After this, a fine of Rs 1.80 crore was imposed on IndiGo and Rs 60 lakh on Mumbai Airport. Read the full news…

4. 13 January: Mumbai-Guwahati flight landing in Bangladesh, passengers remained sitting in the plane for 12 hours

There were 178 passengers on board the flight. Since it was a domestic flight, all the passengers were traveling without passports, hence they were not allowed to deboard the flight in Dhaka.

On January 13, 2024, the Indigo flight from Mumbai to Guwahati landed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Due to dense fog in Guwahati, the flight could not land and was diverted. There were 178 passengers on this flight. Due to lack of passport, the passengers had to sit inside the flight for 12 hours. Read the full news…

5. 26 November: There was no cushion on the seat of Indigo passenger, on complaint the cabin crew said – find it yourself

The female passenger posted a picture of the seat without cushion on social media, tagging Indigo Airlines. The company said- the staff had seen the dirty seat. Later it was changed.

On 26 November, Indigo flight 6E 6798 was going from Pune to Nagpur. In this, a female passenger Sagarika Patnaik alleged that there was no cushion on her seat. When he complained about this to the crew member, he was told to search around himself. However, he was later given a cushion. Read the full news…

Landing can happen at IGI Airport even in low visibility
Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is the largest airport in the country. About 1,400 flights operate here every day. There are four runways here. Of these, 2 runways are equipped with CAT-3 facility. This means that planes can land and take off from here even in bad weather. However, for this the pilot should also have CAT-3 training.

Actually, CAT-3 i.e. Category-3 is the international standard for safe landing of flights in bad weather. It includes advanced autopilot, ground equipment and precision instrument approach, with the help of which the flight is landed during low visibility.

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