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Delhi Weather Update: Chilly season started in Delhi, temperature dropped by four degrees; The mood of the weather is changing again

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State Bureau, New Delhi. The temperature is also changing in the capital amid seasonal fluctuations. After a drop of four degrees in the maximum temperature for the last two days, the temperature increased by four degrees on Wednesday. Despite this, the weather remains cool.

weather departmentAccording to, the maximum temperature on Sunday was 34.6 degrees. On Monday, it dropped by four degrees and reached 30.5 degrees. There was a further drop of four degrees on Tuesday and the maximum temperature was recorded at 26.2 degrees. On Wednesday, it increased by four degrees and reached 30.7 degrees. This is two degrees less than normal. The minimum temperature was recorded at 17.3 degrees, which is one degree below normal.

It will rain on 22nd October

The wind speed was eight to 12 km per hour. According to the Meteorological Department, there may be light fog in the morning for the next three days. The maximum temperature is likely to remain 31 to 32 degrees for the next five days. At present the morning and evening will remain cool. The coolness will increase with the drop in minimum temperature. There may be drizzle in some areas on October 22.

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