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Did China former Foreign Minister Qin Gang disappear in love with TV host Fu Xiaotin? , The luxury life of the beautiful lady who became the former Foreign Minister of China is being discussed.

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Qin Gang, close to President Xi Jinping, was once the Foreign Minister of China. Qin Gang was discussed for many reasons, for example, he was known as an aggressive foreign minister, but the discussion started when he mysteriously went missing in the month of June this year. Before going missing, he was publicly reported on June 25. Were seen, although no one knows where they are at this time. The Chinese government removed him from his post about a month after his disappearance.



Quinn Gang and extramarital affairs
It is said about Quinn Gang that he had extramarital affairs and because of that he hid himself from the world. According to various media reports, Quinn is having an extra-marital affair with Chiwei TV anchor Fu Xiaotin. Not only this, he also has a child who was born in America. However, some American newspapers described Gang’s disappearance as part of a deeper conspiracy.

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Fu fond of luxurious life
Fu posted photos of private jet trips to a California suburb on his social media accounts Weibo. Seeing her, people asked how a woman with a 10-year career in journalism got so much wealth or how could she live such a lavish life. According to public information, the rent in the coastal town of California where Fu lived was about 55 thousand dollars per month in 2021, i.e. more than 45 lakhs. Not only this, along with 8 bedrooms, her house also has an outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

Fu has been a talk show host
According to media reports, Quinn Gang is in a relationship with Fu Xiaotin, a former host of a talk show on Chinese channel Phoenix from Hong Kong. According to CNN, Fu and some people from the Chinese Foreign Ministry have also been cited in this matter. Earlier, the Wall Street Journal, citing a report, had said that Quinn had relations with Fu since he was working as ambassador in Washington. Before this, Chinese media also said that Gang lost his position because of his lifestyle. Let us tell you that in China, immoral sex is called a lifestyle matter.

Political affair is not a new thing
According to the Stimson Center think tank in Washington, the issue of affairs is not unusual in Chinese politics. But there is less information about cases of top people having affairs and having children. If Quinn was removed only for these reasons, it would be a big deal. Newspapers write that more research will be needed regarding this.

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