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In the hit movie “Red Notice,” which stars the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, the spotlight shines on three precious bejeweled eggs. These eggs are said to be signs of Roman politician Mark Antony’s love for Cleopatra, the fearsome ruler of Egypt. While the film is winning audiences over, questions are being raised about the authenticity of this story. While the film’s success is being hailed as monumental, it’s worth noting that Netflix’s data is proprietary and open to interpretation.

Cinematic Quest: The Hunt for Legendary Eggs

In the cinematic universe, one of these elusive eggs resides in the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, another graces the collection of a private enthusiast, while the third is shrouded in secrecy. However, before you make a pilgrimage to Rome in search of this treasure, it is important to know that these eggs are purely fiction. While Cleopatra’s romantic dalliances, particularly with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, left an indelible mark on history, scant tangible remnants of her life survive.

Unraveling the enigmatic Cleopatra

After the death of Julius Caesar, Cleopatra set her sights on Mark Antony, one of the Roman rulers in Caesar’s place. Their passion led Antony to break his marriage vows to be with Cleopatra. Together they argued that Cleopatra’s son by Caesar had the right to inherit Rome, arguing that her other descendants should rule their kingdoms. The scandal that followed reverberated through the streets of Rome, culminating in a war that sealed the fate of the star-crossed lovers.

Tapestry of Deception: Cleopatra’s Legacy

Cleopatra’s legacy, though deeply influential, remains entwined in the webs of Roman propaganda. Augustus, the emperor who came to power after the fall of Antony and Cleopatra, carefully prepared their story to serve his own rise to power. This selective preservation might explain the emphasis on Cleopatra’s romantic relationships and opulence, overshadowing sentimental details, such as Mark Antony’s hypothetical gift. Surprisingly, tangible remains of Cleopatra’s existence are rare. In a recent exhibition dedicated to the Queen, part of her handwriting took center stage, highlighting the rarity of her personal belongings.

A skillful illusion of the silver screen

While “Red Notice” weaves a captivating story around Cleopatra’s jeweled eggs, it’s crucial to distinguish between cinematic magic and historical authenticity. Cleopatra’s legacy lives on not through precious artifacts, but through the enduring intrigue of her extraordinary life. While we are lured by the allure of the movie screen, let’s preserve the memory of Cleopatra through the lens of history and imagination.

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