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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Do some magical weed removal!

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Unraveling the mystical weed

In the wondrous world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players take on the delightful task of removing the magical
a weed called “night thorn.” These magical plants need to be handled with care to keep the digital valley stunning.
By clearing these weeds, players not only maintain the beauty of the valley, but also earn rewards such as Star Coins,
Dream Shards and even a chance to discover a yellow reward chest.


When you spot these magical weeds, it’s time for a mystical ritual to get rid of them. Simply access
weed, and a button will appear on your screen. Tap the button to start the spell, looking at them
weeds disappear before your eyes.

A harvest of treasures

Successfully tackling this magical weed brings a bunch of rewards to improve your gameplay. Expect
a range of rewards such as star coins, dream shards and the ability to unlock a yellow reward chest. The
the rewards you get depend on the biome in which you found and eliminated the weeds.

Biomes and special seeds

Each biome in Disney Dreamlight Valley offers unique rewards and seed packs. These seeds, obtained from
clearing magical weeds, are key to growing crops in your virtual valley. Here’s a breakdown of the biomes
and their respective seeds:

1. Dazzle Beach: Corn seeds
2. Forest of Courage: Canola seed
3. Forgotten countries: Leek seeds
4. Frozen Heights: Asparagus seeds
5. Glade of Trust: Okra seeds
6. Peaceful meadow: Carrot seeds
7. Square: Carrot seeds
8. The sunlit plateau: Soybean seeds

Cultivate your valley

Exploring different biomes and eliminating magical weeds allows players to collect various seeds to grow
a number of crops in their valley.

A magical gaming adventure

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers an enchanting gaming experience where players interact with the beloved Disney and
Pixar characters. I can personalize my character, home and create friendships. The game is praised for its
positive themes, impressive gameplay and a stunning world loved by players and critics alike.

Virtual haven protection

Clearing the magic weeds within Disney Dreamlight Valley is not just about maintaining the beauty of the valley; It is
also about receiving valuable treasures. By following a simple process of finding, enchanting and claiming
rewards, players immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Disney Dreamlight Valley while taking care of their virtual


Can I remove magic weeds in any order?
Absolutely! You have the freedom to clear magical weeds in any order as you explore different biomes.

Are there additional benefits to removing magic weeds?
In addition to earning Star Coins and Dream Shards, you can discover a yellow reward chest.

Can I sell the seeds I collect?
There is currently no seed trade available, but you can use these seeds to grow crops in your virtual valley.

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