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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete the Give Me a Sign Quest? Unlocking All Simba Quest List

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Start your journey

Embarking on a magical adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley? To unlock the secrets of Simba’s quest, you must first win the “Give Me a Sign” mission. It’s your ticket to a new royal tool on Eternity Isle. Equipping the A Rift in Time DLC is key to starting this exciting quest.

Finding a broken sign

Begin your quest at the docks in Ancient’s Landing. Note the damaged store sign near Goofy’s stand. Grab the broken fragment and show it to Goofy to start the quest. This simple action will take you to a world of excitement and tasks.

Helping Goofy in trouble

Once the broken sign is in Goofy’s hands, he will lead you to a dilapidated store where the real adventure begins. Your mission? Collect specific materials unique to Eternity Isle to rebuild Goofy’s booth. You need 25 units of copper and 12 pieces of plastic waste. Hunt for copper in copper rocks and reel in plastic waste by fishing where the water ripples.

Bringing it all together

With the necessary materials at hand, return to Goofy and help rebuild his barn. Witness the transformation as the stand comes back to life. Interact with the nearby Scrooge McDuck sign to activate the shop for free. Complete your quest by talking to Goofy one more time. Your triumph rewards you with celery, a key ingredient for the delicious best fish ever.

In summary

The “Give Me a Sign” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley unfolds like a fairy tale: find the broken store sign, give it to Goofy, collect unique Eternity Isle materials, repair Goofy’s stand, and unlock the store for free. Completing this enchanting journey not only earns you Celery, but also unlocks the door to a new royal tool on Eternity Isle. Get ready for the excitement that awaits you in the magical world of Disney Dreamlight Valley!

Frequently asked questions

1. Where does the “Give Me a Sign” quest begin?
The quest begins at the docks in Ancient Pier. Look for the broken shop sign near Goofy’s stand and give it to him to start your adventure.

2. Where can I find the materials needed to repair Goofy’s stand?
To fix Goofy’s condition, venture to Eternity Isle. Collect 25 copper by breaking copper rocks and get 12 plastic scraps by fishing where the water ripples.

3. What is the reward after completing the mission?
Successfully completing the “Give Me a Sign” quest nets you Celery, the key ingredient to crafting the recipe for the best fish ever. A delicious reward awaits you in the magical realms of Disney Dreamlight Valley!

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