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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Eat Some Fairly Simple Meals? How to Complete and Earn Rewards?

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Finding delicious two-star meals:

At Disney Dreamlight Valley, two-star meals are the key to winning the “Eat Some Pretty Simple Meals” challenge. These meals range from Boba Tea to Tasty Veggies and Fruit Sorbet. Remember, the key aspect is their two-star rating, which makes them qualified choices for this challenge.

Cooking through:

You can get these delicious dishes by cooking. You can cook in Remy’s restaurant using Star Coins to upgrade ingredients, making the process easier. But don’t be afraid! You can still cook anywhere with a stove, even without Remy’s restaurant.

Other ways of getting meals:

In addition to cooking, helping villagers with missions often results in receiving a meal as a gift. Additionally, the multiplayer feature allows you to trade, making it easier to get those prized two-star meals.

Achieving the goal:

To complete the challenge, try to eat 15 two-star meals. Here’s how:

Preparing a two-star meal:

– Cook those delicious two-star meals using your stove.
– Check your recipe book for unlocked dishes and their star ratings.
– Try new recipes through missions or experiments.

Using the recipe book:

– Access the recipe book by plugging into your stove.
– Find recipes with two stars.
– Collect the ingredients before starting; two components are usually required.
– Don’t forget essential charcoal for cooking.

Eating your delicious creations:

– Find two-star meals in your inventory.
– Select “eat” to enjoy these meals.

Claiming rewards:

– After eating all 15 meals, a pop-up window rewards you with 10 crowns.
– Visit the Event tab in the game menu to claim your well-deserved reward.

Completing this task in Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t just about winning prizes; it is a pleasant experience. Cooking, using the recipe book, and receiving quest rewards enhance your journey. Don’t forget to try different ways to get these meals—it’s all about exploring and enjoying the adventure as you help Disney and Pixar characters recover their precious memories. Cherish every moment!


Can I get two-star meals without cooking them myself?
Yes, villagers can gift you meals, and you can trade with friends through multiplayer.

What is the reward for completing the task?
If you eat all 15 two-star meals, you will receive 10 crowns.

Can I upgrade Remy’s restaurant before he arrives?
No, you have to welcome Remy before using Star Coins to upgrade his restaurant.

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