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Disney’s Go Away Green And Blending Blue Paint Explained

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Title 1: Magical Secrets of Disney World

When you enter the enchanting world of Disney, something truly magical happens. It’s a dream come true for kids, and even adults remain mesmerized by the wonders of Disney World. The moment you step into the park, the outside world disappears and you are transported to another realm.

Title 2: Disney’s Hidden Wonder – Go Away Green and Blending Blue

Disney World is known for its attention to detail, from the food to the rides to even the tiniest of details. But did you know that Disney only uses two special colors, Go Away Green and Blending Blue, to create some of its magic? These colors are like hidden treasures, designed by Disney Imagineers to make the massive structures disappear before your eyes, blending seamlessly with their surroundings.

Title 3: Go Away Green – The Art of Disappearing

Go Away Green is Disney’s secret weapon for removing unsightly buildings and structures. It is a unique shade of color that works like a charm. Garbage cans, fences and office buildings wear this magical color. It’s a mix of grey, green and blue that mimics the sky, trees and pavement, ensuring your focus stays on the main attractions.

Title 4: Where to find Go Away Green

On your next visit to Disney World, take a moment to see Go Away Green in action. You’ll find it on trash cans, light poles, fences, cameras, and even the secret doors of exclusive areas like Club 33. These hidden treasures are right in front of you, but you might have missed them until now.

Title 5: Hidden in Plain Sight

Take a closer look at the above pictures. In the first, Dug the dog is having fun with his friends, but did you notice the Go Away Green umbrella in the background? It blends effortlessly into the lush green surroundings, a true testament to the magic of Disney.

Title 6: Give green in construction

Even during construction, Disney employs Go Away Green. The Remy Ratatouille attraction in the Epcot France Pavilion was painted this shade during the construction phase. It’s a clever way to keep the magic hidden until the big reveal.

Title 7: The Mystery of Club 33

Club 33 at Disney World is an exclusive club that many visitors pass by without even realizing it’s there. Secret? You guessed it, Go Away Green. The door is masterfully disguised, allowing only a select few to enter.

Title 8: Blending Blue – Mask of the Sky

Now let’s talk about Disney’s other magical color, Blending Blue. When Walt Disney World was built in Florida, it presented a unique challenge. With the vast open spaces and brilliant blue skies of Florida, Disney had to find a way to blend his structures seamlessly into the backdrop.

Title 9: The Creation of the Perfect Sky

Matching the Florida skies proved no easy task. Disney experimented until he perfected Blending Blue, a color that helps tall buildings and open spaces disappear into the vast blue horizon. It’s a color designed to mimic the unique hue of the Florida sky.

Title 10: Where to spot blue color mixing

Next time you’re at Disney World, keep an eye out for Blending Blue. You’ll find it on tall buildings, some roller coaster rides, and even on top of Cinderella’s castle. It’s a clever way Disney makes sure its structures don’t break the magic spell.

Title 11: Merging the Disney Magic

Disney’s use of Go Away Green and Blending Blue is just one of many tricks up its sleeve. The park is full of secrets and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. So, on your next visit to Disney World, be on the lookout for these two enchanting colors and see if you can spot the magic hiding in plain sight.

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