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‘Don’t do this Vladimir’, when Trump warned Putin… – America former president Donald Trump Russian Putin Ukraine war NTC

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Former US President Donald Trump claimed that after winning the elections, he will end the Russia-Ukraine war. He said that if he had been in the White House, this war would not have happened. In an interview, Trump said that he had also talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding this.

Donald Trump said, after winning the presidential election, I will resolve the war between Russia and Ukraine. If I had been in the White House, this would never have happened. I used to talk to Putin about this. I told him, “Don’t do that, Vladimir, don’t do that. I told him some things. Maybe he didn’t believe me, but he believed me 10 percent. As soon as I lost the election, Russian soldiers “Started gathering at Ukraine border.”

Will end Ukraine war in a few hours: Trump

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In the interview, Trump claimed that if he is elected for a second term in the White House, he can end Russia’s conflict with Ukraine in a matter of hours. Putin recently said at an economic forum in Russia that Trump says he will resolve all the burning issues, including the Ukraine crisis, within a few days. We can’t help but be happy with this.

Will call both the leaders in the room and make a compromise: Trump

This claim of Trump made him an object of ridicule by both the Republican and Democratic parties. He said ending the conflict would require surrendering to the demands of Putin, whose forces invaded Ukraine in February 2022. The former President said that to end the war, he would call Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian President Putin in a room and get them to sign an agreement.

On the praise given by Putin, the former President said that I was pleased to know this. He said that Putin said this, it means that what I am saying is correct. For this, Trump had to face criticism in his own country.

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