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Don’t Miss These Best Anime Traps Of All Time

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Greetings anime enthusiasts, if you’re intrigued by characters that blur the lines of gender and appearance in the anime world, you’re in for a treat. We dive into the world of the best anime traps, where looks can be deceiving. But first, let’s clarify what exactly an anime trap is.

What is an anime trap? In the anime world, when a boy dresses up as a girl, we call it a “trap”. Similarly, when a girl takes on the appearance of a boy, it is a “reverse trap.” These characters are called traps because they can so convincingly resemble the opposite sex that people often refer to them with the wrong pronouns. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s explore these fascinating characters!

#30 Ayumi Saitou – Shion no Ou Meet Ayumi Saitou, a 16-year-old shogi player who had to drop out of school to take care of his sick mother. To earn money, Ayumi dresses up as a girl to play shogi, and his androgynous features help him pull off the look. His story takes some unexpected turns as the series progresses.

#29 Kurapika – Hunter x Hunter Kurapika, the last survivor of the Kurta clan, is on a quest for revenge against those who wiped out his people. Kurapika’s appearance may give off a feminine vibe, but his actions and words tell a different story, making him a unique trap character.

#28 Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter Neferpitou adds a mysterious twist to the world of traps. Their gender remains a mystery, with conflicting information in different sources. Is Neferpitou a boy or a girl? It’s still a mystery, and you can delve deeper into this enigma on the forums.

#27 Nagisa Shiota – Assassination Classroom Nagisa Shiota may seem sweet and unassuming, but don’t be fooled. With two ankles and a slightly feminine appearance, he is often mistaken for a girl. However, when it comes to killing, Nagisa proves that he is more than capable.

#26 Hideri Kanzaki – mix of S Hideri Kanzaki aspires to become an idol, which leads to interesting cross-dressing experiences. Although he appears feminine in many ways, his reaction to the cockroaches reveals his masculinity. Sometimes a good scream is the key to success!

#25 Aoi Hyoudou – Maid Sam! Aoi Hyoudou embraces cross-dressing and even becomes a popular Internet female idol. However, life changes as he grows older and his voice becomes more masculine, forcing him to give up cross-dressing and pursue a career in fashion design.

#24 Gašper Vladi – DxD High School Gašper Vladi, half-human, half-vampire, enjoys cross-dressing in cute women’s clothes. His choice of clothing causes quite a stir among the inmates at Nanba Prison.

#23 Hime Arikawa – Himegoto Hime Arikawa’s journey in disguise is a matter of life and death, driven by huge debts and creditors. Forced to transfer to another school and dress up for graduation, Hime’s story takes a unique twist.

#22 Akira – Kemono Jihen Akira Iwakiyamayukisatoshironanogojuurokushi, yes, that’s a real name! Akira is a men’s snow kimono that looks incredibly feminine. His sensitivity, love of sweet things, and aversion to insects contribute to his trap status.

#21 Jakotsu – InuYasha Jakotsu, the antagonist in InuYashi, is openly gay and relentlessly feminine in appearance. His unique features include wearing a kimono, red lips, and a feminine hairstyle.

#20 Titus Alexius – Magi: Labyrinth of Magic Titus Alexius, a former high-class magician and one of the Four Mages of the era, boasts a feminine figure and high-pitched voice that often make others mistake him for a girl.

#19 Chihiro Fujisaki – Danganronpa: Animation Chihiro Fujisaki didn’t set out to cross-dress, but instead turned to it as a way to deal with bullying because of her thin physique. His journey into trap territory is the result of unfortunate circumstances.

#18 Hitoshi Sugoroku – Nanbaka Hitoshi Sugoroku surprises everyone when they discover that this beautiful guard is actually a boy. His presence adds an unexpected twist to Nanba Prison.

#17 Ryouji Fujioka – Ouran High School Host Club Ryouji Fujioka stands out as the only father on our list of trap characters. After his wife’s death, he becomes a professional crossdresser, mastering both male and female appearances.

#16 Seishirou Tsugumi – Nisekoi Seishirou Tsugumi, born with good looks, disguises herself as a handsome boy to protect her childhood friend. Despite his distaste for feminine clothing, he embraces the role when necessary.

#15 Yuu Kashima – Monthly Nozaki-kun for girls Yuu Kashima is a unique case; her gender as a woman is no secret, but her princely charm makes her a popular figure among female students. She enjoys the nickname “hime”, which means princess.

There you have it, a diverse selection of the best anime traps that will leave you in awe. These characters challenge social norms and add a touch of intrigue to their series. Whether it’s a quest for revenge, a desire to become an idol, or a way to face challenges, each trap character brings something special to the anime world. Immerse yourself in their stories and accept the unexpected!

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