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‘Don’t want to die at the age of 24…’, the condition of people stranded at Rafah crossing struggling between despair and hope

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Tala says her younger brother Yazid is very scared and the situation is getting worse.

An attempt is being made to cross the border for the third time. But this time the expectations are higher than before. According to all the media reports, the border will definitely open this time.

A family is present at the Rafah crossing in southern Gaza towards the Egyptian border. They have only one desire – to leave the war behind and cross the border and enter Egypt.

The entire family has been called by the Jordanian Embassy. They have been told to reach Rafah crossing.

Tala Abu Nahaleh’s mother is a citizen of Jordan. People with foreign passports are being allowed to cross the Rafah crossing. Apart from this, injured and sick people are also being allowed to cross the border.

This post originally appeared on www.bbc.com

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