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Door to hell found in this corner of the world, fire has been burning continuously in this well for the last 50 years

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In the world we live in, there are many wonders to be seen. You may feel that there is only one world but it is not so. There is also a door to hell here which has been opening for many years. You must have heard about the belief of hell and heaven in the belief of Hindu religion, its story is prevalent even today. Regarding this story it is said that those who do good work go to heaven and those who do great work go to heaven. They go to hell but even today no one knows where hell and heaven are, so let us know about the place in this mystery.

Where is the door to hell made?

Let us tell you that there is a place called Mark’s Door which is in Turkmenistan. There is a huge crater here which is called the door of hell and fire has been coming out from here for 4 years. The temperature here is so high that if a person goes near it, he will melt. The same crater, known as the Door to Hell, is 230 feet wide and scientists say that due to this, it can still exist today. The mattress is present in the Karakum Desert, located 160 miles in Asghar city of Turkmenistan, even today it is a mystery to the whole world.

How does a fire start?

If we talk about fire at the door of death, then during the Second World War, when the condition of the Soviet Union started deteriorating, they started digging in the desert for oil and natural gases, but there they found such a place. Where there was gas. Then they tried to extract gas from here and suddenly the place sank down and a fire broke out. This fire that happened here today keeps burning which has created fear in the hearts of the people. People consider this place cursed.

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