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Doordarshan Ramayan Ram Arun Govil As PM Narendra Modi In Article 370

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Who is the actor who played the role of Narendra Modi in the film Article 370? He played such a character 36 years ago that fans have not forgotten even today.

Ramayana actor Arun Govil is playing the role of PM Modi

New Delhi:

Doordarshan Ramayan Actor Arun Govil as PM Modi: Yami Gautam’s upcoming film Article 370 remains a topic of discussion, which has been directed by her husband Aditya Dhar. Recently the trailer of the film was released, which got a lot of love from the audience. One character in this film caught everyone’s attention, which was Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Fans know the actor playing this character not just today but for 36 years. They rule people’s hearts. We are talking about actor Arun Govil, who has played the role of PM Modi in Article 370 and has caught people’s attention.

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Sharing a picture of his character, the actor wrote, entire Kashmir was, is and will remain a part of India! The film “Article 370” in which I have played the role of respected Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi… The film is releasing on 23rd February, you must watch it… Jai Shri Ram. It is noteworthy that Arun Govil became very famous by playing the role of Ram in the Ramayana serial. Even after 36 years, fans like him a lot.

Talking about the film, the story of Article 370, which is going to be released in February 2023, is that after the Kashmir unrest of 2016, a young local field agent, Zuni Haksar is selected by Rajeshwari Swaminathan from the Prime Minister’s Office for a top-secret mission. . their aim? Cracking down on terrorism and dismantling the billion-dollar struggling economy in the valley, by doing the absolutely impossible – abrogating the infamous Article 370, that too, without spilling a drop of innocent blood.

It is noteworthy that recently lead actress Yami Gautam had announced her pregnancy in front of the media, whose pictures and video had gone viral. Talking about the cast, Yami Gautam, Priyamani, Arun Govil, Vaibhav Tatvavadi, Skanda Thakur, Ashwini Kaul, Kiran Karmarkar, Divya Seth Shah, Raj Zutshi, Sumit Kaul, Raj Arjun, Asit Gopinath Redidge, Ashwani Kumar and Irawati Harshe Mayadev are included. .

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