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Doordarshan Sunday Special Program In 1995 Rangoli To Upasana Check Your Favorite Show

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When the entertainment started on Doordarshan from 5 am on Sunday, people used to wait eagerly for everything from Rangoli to the movie.

This program used to air on Doordarshan on Sundays in the 90s

New Delhi:

Doordarshan Sunday Special Program: There is no dearth of programs in the era of smart TV. Nor is there any dearth of entertainment. Therefore, the question does not arise that you should get bored of watching something. If you get tired of watching romantic shows, you can watch action movies. If you are fond of knowing something new, you can watch science based shows. If you like suspense and thrill then you can watch thriller movie or show. But it was not like this earlier. Earlier there used to be just a normal TV. In which only one channel was available, Doordarshan. Doordarshan may be a bit boring on weekdays. But according to that era, it had a lot to make people’s Sunday special. Let us tell you what gift Doordarshan used to bring every Sunday around the year 1995.

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This is how Sunday used to be special?

By the way, there used to be some program on Doordarshan every day. But his time was fixed. The rest of the time the Doordarshan screen appeared blank or colorful stripes were visible on it. Or, the montage of Doordarshan used to be seen. Unlike today’s channels, there were no 24-hour shows on Doordarshan at that time. But Sunday was something different. When people used to sit glued to the TV screen from seven in the morning. And then he would not move away from the TV for hours. Serials based on fictional stories, shows based on film songs and even the Hindi dubbed version of any foreign show were seen on Doordarshan on Sundays.

This was the list of programs

Now let us know that list which in 1995 made the Sundays special not only for children but also for adults. YouTube channel Pranab Rongpi has shared the complete list of shows coming on Doordarshan this year. According to this list, Sunday morning used to start at five in the morning with a montage of Doordarshan. After this, Hindi news used to come again at 7 in the morning. Hindi film songs could be heard in Rangoli at 7:15 in the morning. The interesting story of Garden Flower used to come at 8 in the morning and Chandrakanta at 9 o’clock. For dance lovers, National Classical Dance Program used to come at 10 o’clock, Upasana at 11:30 in the afternoon and Urvashi serial at 12 o’clock. News and sports programs used to come between 12 noon to 4 pm and Hindi movies used to come from 4 o’clock onwards. News would come as soon as the movie ended and Surbhi would come at eight in the night. After this, the Sunday shows used to end with the foreign crime drama show Knight Riders.

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