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Dragon Ball: The Breakers Is Getting Crossplay!

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What’s changing at The Breakers?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers, an exciting game launched on October 14, 2022, is about to improve its gameplay. Until now, players on different platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch could not team up. But things change! Exciting news is on the horizon – soon players from all platforms will be able to join forces and play together!

Why Crossplay Matters

Previously, The Breakers kept players locked within their platforming communities. PlayStation friends couldn’t team up with their friends on Xbox, PC or Switch. But with cross-play, those divisions will disappear. Friends scattered across different consoles can finally team up for some epic battles!

A game that packs a powerful punch

In this game, players engage in an exciting challenge of survival. They are ordinary people who are stuck in a time jam and try to escape using their wits and gadgets. But here’s the twist – iconic Dragon Ball Z villains like Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu are enemies! They chase the players, raising excitement.

Two sides of the coin

In The Breakers, players take on roles – survivors or looters. The survivors use every trick in the book to outwit these Dragon Balls. Meanwhile, the marauders focus on hunting down the survivors, making every move count. It’s an exciting game of cat and mouse where strategy is key.

Make it yours

Customization is big in The Breakers. Players can customize characters, unlock cool stuff, and customize their gaming experience. This gives each battle a unique touch, making it more personal and exciting for each player.

Big change

The creators of the game surprised everyone by announcing the introduction of crossplay. They had no plans for it before despite fans asking for it. But now they’re breaking down barriers, allowing players from different platforms to team up and fight together.

FAQ: What’s coming?

Will cross-platform play be added soon?
That! The Breakers is finally getting crossplay features.
Can PlayStation players join their Xbox friends in games?
Absolutely! PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch players can team up.
How important is customization in the game?
Customization is a big thing, letting players make their own game.

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