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Durian is a smelly fruit, tastes like cheese in food, keeps digestion healthy, its history is very interesting.

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Travelogue of Taste: Today we are going to give information about a fruit which has a strong smell. Due to this bad smell, this fruit cannot be carried in transport services in some countries. The name of this fruit is Durian. But this fruit is liked because its taste is excellent. Its taste tastes like creamy cheese. It has other flavors also. This fruit is considered very beneficial for the body. It prevents constipation by keeping the digestive system healthy. Its consumption also helps in controlling blood pressure. It is a foreign fruit, but is grown in some areas of South India.

You will have to close your nose due to such stench!

Durian is an interesting fruit in terms of taste and other issues. There are 100 varieties of Durian, which is pulpy and looks like a small green jackfruit, in some countries and 300 varieties are found in some countries, but roughly only a dozen varieties of Durian are considered edible. The remaining varieties are not eaten because they taste bland, have less pulp or are dry from inside. Its stinky smell is different in different countries, despite this there is no dearth of people who like Durian. At some places it smells like stinking sewer water, at other places it smells like rotten onions and at other times it smells like smelly socks worn on the feet. In some countries of South-East Asia, there is a ban on carrying durian in public transport.

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This fruit tastes like creamy cheese

Despite all this, the taste of durian is pleasing to the tongue and mind. At some places it tastes like creamy cheese and at other places it leaves a light sweet custard like flavour. Talking about the origin of this fruit, it originated in the countries of South-East Asia thousands of years ago. According to the information of Encyclopedia Britannica, durian has been cultivated for years in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and Southern Thailand.

Durians also grow in South India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Image-Canva

This is a popular fruit of Singapore. It is also used in sweet and salty dishes. Its taste is like Limburger cheese. Food historians believe that durian grew wild in the Malay Peninsula. It has also been growing in South India, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. In the book ‘Fruits’ written by well-known agronomists Prof. Ranjit Singh and Prof. SK Saxena, it has been told that durian has no relation with jackfruit. It is a popular, interesting but controversial fruit. It has a very strong unpleasant odor, which can be ignored only by those who have grown up among this fruit.

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Smoothes digestion and controls BP

Despite all this, durian is considered beneficial for body and health. The reason for this is that the qualities it has are somewhat different. According to food expert and nutrition consultant Neelanjana Singh, durian not only has plenty of calories, it also contains adequate amounts of fiber, calcium, protein and carbohydrates. It also contains Vitamin C and potassium. The presence of fiber in this fruit keeps the digestion system smooth. One of its benefits is that the intestines and stomach remain healthy, due to which the risk of many diseases is reduced.

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This fruit is also considered beneficial for the heart. A survey shows that durian also helps in controlling blood sugar. The potassium present in it also helps in normalizing blood pressure. Durian also has antioxidant properties, so its consumption prevents common diseases. It is also believed that the fiber pulp present in it helps in increasing sex power.


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