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Eiffel Tower explained as Jersey Shore’s Mike and Vinny confess to doing it during ‘weird year’

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Jersey Shore stars Mike and Vinny have always been known for their wild antics, but their recent admission of filming the ‘Eiffel Tower’ together on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has left fans shocked and a little confused. Let’s clarify what actually happened and why it caused such a stir.


Surprising Confession: The ‘Eiffel Tower’ Explained

During a candid conversation about threesomes, Snooki playfully suggested that Angelina consider one with Vinny. JWoww chimed in, mentioning that the guys must have shared some unique experiences. Although The Situation clarified that things didn’t go that far, both he and Vinny admitted to the elopement with the Eiffel Tower. Just to be clear, this had nothing to do with a romantic trip to Paris.


Year of shenanigans: 2009

The revelation came from a chapter the stars called “the odd year”, back in 2009. At the time, Vinny was around 21 years old, while Mike was around 26. This surprising revelation caught both the girls and fans of the show off guard, sparking a wave of curiosity as to what exactly happened.

Decoding the location of the ‘Eiffel Tower’

Snooki, understandably confused, demanded an explanation of what ‘Eiffel Tower’ meant. While the details were censored, it prompted viewers to take to Twitter for clarification. According to Web MD, the Eiffel Tower pose involves three or more individuals positioning themselves to mimic the architectural structure of the iconic Parisian landmark.

The website further mentions that there are different versions of the location of the Eiffel Tower. While we’re not sure which iteration Mike and Vinny were involved in, it’s safe to say some things are better kept quiet!


Mike’s Journey: From the ‘Weird Year’ to Fatherhood

Fast forward to the present and it’s clear that Mike, also known as ‘The Situation’, has experienced significant personal growth since that unusual year in 2009. Earlier this year, he happily announced the arrival of his second child, daughter Mia, on Instagram. This comes after they welcomed their first child, Romeo, in May 2021.

Mike’s Jersey Shore family showered him with warm congratulations in the comments. Pauly D said, “Soooo precious,” while Angelina chimed in with “Little mu.”

Conclusion: The path of growth and unexpected discoveries

Mike and Vinny’s candid confession about their past escapades sheds light on the colorful history of the Jersey Shore stars. From their ‘freaky year’ to embracing fatherhood, these reality TV personalities continue to surprise and charm their fans. While they go through life’s ups and downs, one thing is certain: The Jersey Shore legacy remains as vibrant as ever.

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